How To Customize Essential PH1 Notification Bar Menu

Owning an Essential PH1 is a great thing but knowing how to customize your notification bar is even better. The notification bar menu enables you to easily access the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi settings by just swiping your screen from top to bottom. You can quite easily change all the options provided in the notification drawer and the pull-down bar of your Essential PH1 smartphone as we are going to show you in a short while.

The Essential PH1 contains a series of settings toggles and some carriers will even provide you with a slider to adjust the brightness of your smartphone display in the pull-down notification bar. By simply using two fingers to slide down the notification bar, you will be able to get access to the Quick Settings menu. From the Quick Settings menu, you should be in a position to adjust the items of your notification bar for your Essential PH1 smartphone device. Follow the guidelines provided below to successfully complete this task.

How to Customize Essential PH1 Notification Bar

  1. Power on your Essential PH1 smartphone
  2. Swipe down to bring up the pull-down notification bar menu to access the Quick Settings
  3. At the top of the display, tap on the pencil.
  4. Edit the settings location by going to the Notification Panel. Note this operation will be guided by the wireless carrier that you are subscribed to.
  5. Choose the settings you’d like to get rid of and which you’d like to include
  6. Then set up all the quick settings that you may also want to customize
  7. Press and hold on any toggle you would like to eliminate
  8. Once that option has been highlighted, drag and drop at a convenient location.

The newly customized settings will now appear once you follow the steps provided above to the latter. It will appear as the first list whenever you pull-down the notification bar. You will also still have access to the Quick Settings through from the notification drawer.

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