Essential PH1: How To Fix Power Button Not Working

Posted by Desmond Andrada on February 13, 2018

If you own any smartphone and not just the Essential PH1 model only, there is a high chance that in the course of using your smartphone, you are likely going to deal with issues to do with the power button not working. The power button has a lot of functions including turning off display, ending calls, turning on and turning off your Essential PH1 among other functions that you may allocate to it. Because of being used constantly, this button might fail in the long run but we can help you fix it. This problem usually manifests when you turn on the power and get some light, but nothing else. You will get even more frustrated when this problem occurs while trying to receive a phone call.

Troubleshooting Solutions for Essential PH1 Power Button

We are aware of any malware dysfunction that might be responsible for the power button failure. However, it’s easier to sort out any corrupted app causing the power button not to work through Safe Mode.

Resetting the Essential PH1 smartphone back to its factory setting can also help you sort out the issue if the problem persists after troubleshooting from the Safe Mode. It also helps to check for the latest system update from your service provider.

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