Essential PH1 Restarts Itself Over And Over Again (Solution)

Posted by Desmond Andrada on February 13, 2018

Do you an Essential PH1 smartphone that keeps restarting randomly without a verifiable reason? If so, you need to check if your smartphone is still covered under the warranty so as to get a replacement as quick as possible. Some of the these smartphone problems can be too advanced for any DIY tips to fix them and the best option would be to get it back to the retailer and have them issue you a replacement unit even their technician fails to repair it as well. The problem of shutting down, freezing or rebooting is not a really entirely new issue because we have handled similar problems in the past.

The solutions we are going to suggest below have been previously used to fix a majority of Essential PH1 problems especially those to do with randomly shutting down. You should therefore try them out before seeking the help of a technician. You may have already installed great apps and stored important files which you don’t to lose if a replacement unit is provided.

New applications on Essential PH1 can have serious risks to the status of your smartphone especially those that are downloaded from untrusted sources. Such aps can cause your Essential PH1 to crash or freeze. In some cases, the freezing problem can come from a defective battery. It may not have the capacity to sustain the performance of your PH1 smartphone. It is important to check these two possible risks as well as a corrupted firmware in order to understand how best to fix this problem.

The Android operating system causes the Essential PH1 to keep restarting

New firmware updates can sometimes results in unexpected bugs and this cab seriously harm your device. If your Essential PH1 starts to randomly shut down after installing a new firmware update, then you should consider resetting your device back to the factory settings. You can perform this function by following our guide on how to factory reset the Essential PH1.

As usual remember to backup all your data then proceed to perform the factory reset operation.

An application is responsible for the sudden reboots

If a new application is causing shutdowns, you should get your device into the Safe Mode. Safe Mode is a secure environment for safely uninstalling applications. It only runs basic services, so you can’t cause any harm to your system operations. If you want to get rid of an app that’s defective, go to the Safe Mode to safely uninstall.

To get to the Safe Mode is quite simple. Press the power off button until the reboot option displays. Select this option. Once the PH1 powers on, press the volume down button until asked to enter the SIM pin. Your smartphone is now operating in the Safe Mode, as shown on the bottom of your screen.

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