EZTV Working Again After Site was Down: Moves From .IT to .CH Domain

Posted by RecomHub on February 4, 2015

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UPDATE: EZTV down again for some time, may be back up soon


EZTV is a popular TV torrent site and the file sharing site that was founded in 2005. Earlier EZTV was down and not working after DDos attacks. The sites popularity hasn’t gone unnoticed by copyright holders. The site has already been blocked in the UK via court order and there are efforts underway elsewhere to frustrate the site’s operations.


After facing issues in Italy with the sites .it registry with issues coming from the Italian domain name registry NIC.it over some paperwork. It seems that now the popular TV-torrent site EZTV has switched to Swiss domain eztv.ch. Without going into detail, EZTV’s NovaKing has that a complaint from copyright holders is likely to be the driving force behind the recent issues.


“NIC.it hasn’t been very cooperative in trying to find a solution. While they haven’t admitted it on the record, it wouldn’t surprise me if they were pressured by copyright holders,” NovaKing says.


EZTV’s domain registrar EuroDNS suggested several options to resolve the problems but all these routes are not serious.Some reports suggest that the Italian registry is not willing to cooperate, so has EZTV decided not to wait any longer and has now ditched the .it domain. EZTV swiftly relocated to a new home using the Swiss TLD EZTV.ch.


It is believed that the reason that the site went down is because of the recent police raid on the Pirate Bay servers in Sweden. The raid resulted in the take down of long-time torrent indexing site, Pirate Bay. As for The Pirate Bay, it seems the future of the website is not clear at all with no reports if the site will return at all. In it’s place there have many many fake Pirate Bay proxy addresses passed around the web. These sites should be avoided as the sites may contain malware or charge a fee for access to outdated content.









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