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Fantasy Life DLC Origin Island Expansion Now Available

Fantasy Life DLC Origin Island Expansion Now Available

With the the release of Nintendo’s Fantasy Life Origin Island game that was released on October 24, 2014 it seems like the company has gotten into the on-the-disc DLC game. Day one of Fantasy Life is on DLC and expansion pack adds a new island to explore, an additional storyline and much more.

The Fantasy Life Origin Island games price is $39.99 which does not include the Fantasy Life DLC expansion in the price. The price of the Fantasy Life Origin Island Expansion Pack DLC is $8.99 and comes with two blocks worth of data that unlocks the content within the game. It’s important to note that a large majority of the Origin Island Expansion DLC can’t even be experienced until you beat the main story, reach level 50, and befriend two, specific, important characters.

The main reason why Nintendo started to get involved with DLC games is because of the success of competitors using the popular DLC feature. and Nintendo seems the value of the extra money that the company can earn after the original sale of the game. However, with the recent release of Fantasy Life on 3DS, Nintendo and developer Level 5 have taken a DLC route.


Fantasy Life - Overview Trailer (Nintendo 3DS)


Fantasy Life has been available to purchase in Japan since December 2012. An expansion for the game was then released in July 2013 called Fantasy Life Link, which added a new area called Origin Island as mentioned before. The game was released across Europe on September 26 and North America on October 24 for $40. There should also be a Fantasy Life DLC UK and Fantasy Life DLC Australia release as well.

The delay for the release was because Nintendo or Level 5 wanted to turn Origin Island into a day-one DLC option. The only exception to that being online play ships with the base game. This decision was highlighted on NeoGAF and confirmed in the official Nintendo press release about its end of year plans.





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