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How To Fix Essential PH1 Freezing And Crashing

How To Fix Essential PH1 Freezing And Crashing

The LG’s new flagship phone called Essential PH1 is included as extraordinary compared to other cell phones in 2016. However, few Essential PH1 users complained about the continuous crashing and freezing despite on what apps they use. It’s very alarming but we’ll give you a guideline on how to solve this issue.

The Essential PH1 crashes for several reasons and eventually, it crashes, too. We’ll give you some guide on  how to get rid on the crashing and freezing of the Essential PH1. But before we do that, you must update it to the latest software before doing the solutions we’ll give you. Understand the steps completely to finish this annoying issue of the Essential PH1.

It’s Due to a Lack of Memory

One reason why the Essential PH1 crashes and unfortunately, freezing or hang is due to lack of memory. We recommend you to uninstall the apps that aren’t used or delete some photos or videos in order to free up some space of the internal memory.

Memory Problem

If you don’t frequently restart the Essential PH1 for a couple of days, this is the time when the applications begin to hang and crash. The usual reason for this is its insufficient memory that leads to memory glitch. The first solution you can try is by restarting you Essential PH1 and check if it fix the crash issue but if it doesn’t, consider the guide we’ll give you.

  1. Go to Apps
  2. Select Manage Applications.
  3. Browse through and click on the application that crashes and freezes randomly
  4. Select “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache”

Delete Bad Apps to Fix Crashing Problem

The usual cause why your Essential PH1 keeps on crashing are the third party apps you install on the phone. It’s very important to read the reviews first to check whether the app you like has no problems and doesn’t crash at all. If the app causes the problem, LG is out of reach for fixing this and the developer is the answer to solve it, not the brand. You must delete the app if it keeps on crashing.

Factory Reset Essential PH1

If these solutions don’t work then you may need to factory reset the phone. Remember that doing this will delete all the application data and files on Essential PH1 so we advise users to do the backup first to save some of the important things to be deleted.

How To Move Apps On Essential PH1

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Dec 13, 2017

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