Fix Galaxy S6 “Unfortunately Samsung Galaxy Has Stopped” Error

“Unfortunately Samsung Galaxy has stopped” is a common error on the Samsung Galaxy S6. The main reason why this happens is because there is a software error that needs to be fixed.

‘Unfortunately Samsung Galaxy has stopped’ can generally be fixed with a Galaxy S6 factory reset. Most of the time this method will solve the problem, but in doing so you will also lose any not-backed-up data and your customisation options. Another suggestion if the above method did not work is to clear the cache of the Galaxy S6, you can read the full guide here: How to clear the cache on Galaxy S6


  1. Turn on the Galaxy S6
  2. Go to settings, and then application manager
  3. Swipe left to go to all the apps
  4. Browse until you find “Samsung Galaxy”
  5. Clear cache, then data
  6. Reset the Galaxy S6


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