How to Fix Galaxy S9 Freezing and Crashing

The most common signs that your Galaxy S9 has a severe firmware issue are when it starts to freeze and crash. But the thing about this problem is that there is a chance that you can quickly fix it. We know a few things that can make your Galaxy S9 run as smoothly as ever. In this post, we’ll tackle this issue

There are lots of reasons why your phone keeps freezing or crashing, but before you deploy any method to fix it, ensure your phone is running on updated software. If the problem persists after upgrading your phone or may your device is already up to date, follow the guide below to fix your Galaxy S9 freezing and crashing issue.

Remove Bad Apps

Sometimes the App you installed could be the root of the problem, try to read the review about the apps on your Galaxy S9 on Google Play Store. It’ll give you an insight on the apps on your phone, and you can know if other users are having similar issues. It’s a known fact that some third party Apps does crash phones and this the beyond the phone manufacturer. The only means to get out of this is to delete any bad app, and this is how to remove bad apps from your Galaxy S9.

Factory Reset the Galaxy S9

You can also factory reset your phone to fix this problem. You can read this process of how to perform a factory reset on your Galaxy S9. Note that before you use this method, it’ll be a wise decision to back up the data on your phone because you’ll lose all information on your Galaxy S9 after this process.

Memory Problem

If it takes days for you to restart your phone, this kind of issue may arise. It might have affected the Apps and memory of your Galaxy S9 thereby leading to freezing and crashing. The first step that you need to take is turning off your Galaxy S9 and if this doesn’t solve it, try following the stage below.

  1. Select the apps menu on your home screen
  2. Tab Settings
  3. Go to Application
  4. Select the Apps that frequently freeze
  5. Select Clear Data and Cache

Lack of Memory

Sometimes, lack of enough memory can make the apps on your Galaxy S9 to freeze and crash. The apps can freeze when you have little space. To create more space, identify the apps that are essential to you and remove the ones you don’t need.

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