How to Disable Talkback on Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung always tries to offer advanced innovative features that provide convenience for its users. The Talkback feature is one of this innovations; it is designed to support the visually impaired users. If the sounds keep disturbing you, activated it out of curiosity or discover that it’s just another useless feature on your Galaxy S9, you can easily disable the feature. Try the instructions below if you want to disable the talkback feature on your Galaxy S9.

The General Navigation Tips for Active Talkback Feature

  • To access an app or open a menu entry, you’ll have to double tap the button quickly
  • The active talkback feature will control your Galaxy S9
  • You’ll require the internet pages like strolling to move through the menus; this means using two fingers movement
  • You’ll also need the two fingers movement to move from one home screen to the other

How to Disable the Talkback Feature on Galaxy S9

  • Open the Menu
  • Click on Settings
  • Tap Accessibility
  • Scroll to the bottom of the menu
  • Find the Talkback option
  • Click on it and switch it off
  • After this, your phone is back to how you want it, and you can go back to the menu


With the simple steps above, the Talkback option of your Galaxy S9 smartphone will no longer be active. In case you need this feature later, follow the same process to switch it back on.

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