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How To Fix Google Pixel 2 Power Button Not Working

Some owners of the Google Pixel 2 have complained of having issues with the Power button on their smartphone. It has been reported the power button does not respond whenever you tap it to wake up your Google Pixel 2. Although the keys light come up, the smartphone does not switch on when hitting the power key. Others have reported of not being able to receive calls on the Google Pixel 2 because the screen stay black and its unresponsive.  

Fixing Pixel 2 Power Button Not Working

You can make use of the instructions below to fix the power button issue on your Google Pixel 2. This issue might be as a result of a defective app. I will advise that you put into Safe Mode and try to use the power button.
Presently, it has not been concluded whether this issue is because of a rogue app or malware but putting your Google Pixel 2 in Safe Mode is a good idea to confirm if the power button issue is being caused by an app. You can also fix the power button issue by carrying out a factory reset. This process will reset your device back to factory setting. After using this method, make sure your Google Pixel 2 is running the latest software available from your service carrier. You can contact your service provider to know the latest system update available for your Google Pixel 2.

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Dec 15, 2017

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