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How To Fix OnePlus 5 Freezing And Crashing

Some users of the new OnePlus 5 have complained that their device is continuously freezing no matter the app they are running. I’ll explain below how you can fix crashing issue on OnePlus 5.
Your OnePlus 5 might be crashing because of a lot of reasons. But before you follow the solutions that I will recommend, I will advise that you make sure you update your OnePlus 5 to the current update from Google. If the issue continues after updating your software, then you can carry out the methods below to solve this issue on your OnePlus 5.

Delete Faulty Apps

Most of the times, rogue and defective third party apps play a major role in making your OnePlus 5 to freeze and eventually crash. As soon as you spot a defective app on your device, read the reviews to see if you are not the only one experiencing the issue, if you realize that the issue is common and the developer is not making any effort to work on the app and fix the issue. I will advise that you delete the app from your OnePlus 5 to avoid further damage to your device.

Memory Problem

It’s also possible that you are experiencing this issue because you have not restarted your OnePlus 5 in days. Using the OnePlus 5 for days with restarting can make apps to start behaving irrationally due to memory glitch. Switching off and then switching it on after a few seconds can sometimes solve the issue on your OnePlus 5. But if the issue persists then try this:

  1. Locate apps from your home screen
  2. Click on Manage Applications
  3. Click on the app that is misbehaving
  4. Tap on Clear Data and Clear Cache

Factory Reset OnePlus 5

If the problem still continues after trying all the solutions explained above, the n I will suggest that you carry out a factory data reset to resolve the problem. It’s important to let you know that this process will wipe off all your apps and data including your Google account details so be sure that you backup all important files before you start the process. Use this detailed guide on on how to factory reset the OnePlus 5.

Due to a Lack of Memory

It’s possible that the rogue app is not getting enough memory space to function properly. You can uninstall apps that you hardly use or delete videos or images that you do not need any more to free up more internal memory on your OnePlus 5 and see if that solves the issue.

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Jan 31, 2018

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