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Fix Samsung Galaxy S9 Dividing Long Texts Messages Into Parts

Fix Samsung Galaxy S9 Dividing Long Texts Messages Into Parts

Almost everybody that is using a smartphone is familiar with the act of sending a text message. We use the text messaging app to send text messages almost every day to connect with colleagues, friends, and loved ones. Despite it being a phone, sending text messages is likely something most people do more than making actual phone calls, if only for the sake of convenience.

If you just got the Galaxy S9 and you often use it to send messages, you might have noticed that it can be a bit hard to maintain just one text message, as it’s pretty easy to exceed the character limit when typing. Especially if you have a lot to say and the message you are trying to send is long.

In a situation where the message is divided into parts, it is expected that your Galaxy S9 should be able to arrange the messages and send them according to how the message was typed. Compared to other things a smart phone can do, keeping text in the proper order isn’t that complicated. But if that’s not the case, then it becomes a total mess for the reader.

There are times when a contact will send a message to you, and you won’t be able to read the concluding the part of the message. Sometimes you will need to wait for some minutes or hours before the concluding part comes in. Sometimes you won’t get them in the proper order and you’ll need to piece the message together yourself. There is a way to make sure that your messages are sent correctly and in order as they should on your Galaxy S9.

In this article, I will explain how you can be sure that your messages do not get sent in the wrong way.

Check the Settings of the Message App on your Galaxy S9

You will need to locate Settings on your Galaxy S9, click on it, and then tap on Applications. It will bring up a list of all the apps on your Galaxy S9 (including the third party apps). Click on Messages and click on the More option. Locate the option named Auto Combination and verify its status.

If it’s deactivated, you will need to activate it. This will make sure that your long messages are sent in a combined format in one logical succession.

Second Method: Wipe the Cache Partition of Galaxy S9

If the Auto Combination is enabled and your messages are still being divided, the next method you should try is to wipe the cache partition of your Galaxy S9. It’s possible that the cache is corrupt already, and if that’s the case you will need to put your Galaxy S9 into Recovery Mode and carry out the process of wiping the cache partition.

Steps to Put Your Galaxy S9 in Recovery Mode

  1. Power off your Galaxy S9.
  2. You will need to press and hold these three keys at the same time: Volume Up, Home, and Power.
  3. Once the Samsung logo shows up on screen, release the Power key.
  4. As soon as the Android logo shows up on your screen, release the other keys.
  5. This means that your Galaxy S9 is now in Recovery Mode and you will need to wait for a few seconds.

Steps to Wipe the Cache Partition of Your Galaxy S9

  1. You will need to press the Volume down key to move around, using it as a scroll bar.
  2. Navigate to the option labeled as Wipe Cache Partition.
  3. Click on it by using the Power key.
  4. Click on the Yes option.
  5. Wait for a few seconds for the process to complete.

How to Exit the Recovery Mode on Galaxy S9

  1. Use the Volume down key to move around, as you did before.
  2. Tap on the option labeled Reboot System Now.
  3. Make use of the Power key to launch the reboot process.
  4. Wait for a few seconds for your Galaxy S9 to restart.

The latter will take more time than your normal reboot. As soon as the process is over, your Galaxy S9 should be working perfectly. From now on, your long text messages will not be divided anymore. If the issue persists, though, then you should contact technical support for help in fixing the issue.

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