The Best 50 Free Apple Keynote Templates

Although PowerPoint has long been the go-to software for presentations and slideshows, it finally may have met its match. Apple’s Keynote does the same job and it is free to use on all Apple devices.

However, the default Keynote templates are lacking, to say the least. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 50 excellent Keynote templates that you can download for free and use on the go.

But first, let’s talk about where you could download these templates without paying the asking prices of premium sites.

Where to Download Free Keynote Templates

Free Keynote templates are hard to come by for the fact that most artists want to be paid for creating the templates. This is understandable for premium templates which may take a lot of time to create, but some of these themes are fairly simple and should probably be free.

This article only covers the best websites that offer free keynote templates, along with pictures of our top picks. You can find them easily on the site or with a quick Google search.

Educational Technology Clearinghouse

The ETC website is a throve of free presentation materials for students and teachers alike. You don’t need a license to download and use these templates for non-commercial projects. The best way to explore ETC is through the site map where you can find various keynote categories.

These templates come in sets of varying styles and frames. You can add your own photos to these frames in the appropriate cutouts section.  Here are some of the best free keynote templates on ETC:

  1. CutpaperCutpaper – This template resembles the warm style of 1960s cut paper. The aforementioned warm colors include yellow, orange, and red in the background. The drawings on the template are white, which gives a pleasant contrast.
  2. Green ChalkboardGreen Chalkboard – Teachers and students can use this retro green chalkboard template for their school projects and presentations. The text on the chalkboard is written in chalk-like white.
  3. steampunkSteampunk – Steampunk is a very interesting concept that mixes past and future. This keynote theme has a brown background and white writing space, though it isn’t exactly white. It looks like a sepia photo effect with black text.
  4. engravedstoneEngraved Stone – The engraved stone theme is an excellent choice for any architecture presentation or something else in the same vein. The background is a very stylish mix of dark and bright gray, complete with black text.
  5. cloudynightCloudy Night – If you are looking for a dark night theme, this might be a perfect choice. The background is dark gray, black, and blue without being too gloomy. The text is white, which makes for a nice contrast.
  6. macbrushedMac Brushed – Here is a great professional iMac Apple logo theme. You can use it for business and corporate presentations. The colors are what one may describe as serious yet soothing.
  7. blurBlur – Not the rock band, this theme is one of blurry warm lights. The colors are orange and resemble a sunset. You can use this time to brighten up the mood, perhaps for a motivational or uplifting presentation.
  8. ricepaperRice paper – This free Keynote theme looks similar to parchment, which may invoke archaism and tradition. You can use it for historical and cultural presentations, or maybe something related to Asia.
  9. Web 2.0 – This is an interesting but simple Keynote template. The background is baby blue and the text box is gray. You can use this colorful presentation template universally for just about any topic.
  10. cdCD – This is a very bright and colorful Keynote template. Also, it looks slightly futuristic and surreal. You can use it for all sorts of topics and it will fit right in.

Keynote Template is an excellent website packed with free Keynote templates. The site is constantly updated with new templates. In addition, you may agree that Keynote template is neatly organized.

Although these Keynote templates are free, you might have to support some contributors via social media, such as sharing and liking their content.

All templates are sorted into categories, which saves a lot of time when picking the right template for your presentation. Dive into the free diagrams, charts, elements, shapes science, and creative, abstract, and business Keynote templates. Take a look at our top picks from this site:

  1. Enterprise ArchitectureEnterprise Architecture – This free keynote template is ideal for any architecture or engineering students, or anyone who works in construction, urbanization, or building in general. The background is sky blue, which makes the template hopeful and bright.
  2. Company IntroCompany intro – As the title suggests, this is a corporate or business keynote template. You can use it to impress your colleagues, business school teachers, or possible employers. The background is wood brown and the tone is serious and professional.
  3. CV themeCV Theme – Another business Keynote template, only this time its main intention is to get you a job. This portfolio theme is highly professional, with the background of a man in a fancy suit, and it will show your employer you are up to the task.
  4. Eco GreenEco Green – This Keynote theme is all about the environment and ecological awareness. It is great for any presentation topics related to nature, environment protection, fertility, raising awareness, etc. The color is bright green and soothing.
  5. Family tree diagramFamily Tree Diagram – You can guess that this is a Keynote template for presentations about family trees and ancestry. You can use it for the history class, keeping track of your relatives, or some other social project.
  6. Fitness themeFitness Theme – This free Keynote template has a very bright and optimistic background of green and yellow. You can use it for motivational presentations about fitness, health, sports, yoga, dancing, etc.
  7. Health AnalysisHealth Analysis – If you are looking for a free Keynote template that’s suitable for health, medicine, medical exams, health analysis, or something similar, this one might be perfect for you. The background is a bright sea blue color that looks very modern and satisfying.
  8. Charts PackCharts Pack – Keynote templates for charts are hard to find. Luckily, this one is perfect with different chart outlays that you can use for your math, statistics, or business projects.
  9. Pie chartPie Chart –Keynote pie chart templates are also rare, but this one has everything you need. Again, you can use these five charts to crunch the numbers and show graphical representations, profit growth, etc.
  10. SWOTTemplateSWOT Pack – SWOT (or strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) is a great marketing Keynote template. There are nine themes that you can copy-paste and use for your business presentations, analysis, planning, or something similar.
  11. TimelineTimeline Template – Such a template is difficult to find, at least for free. Hurry up and download this Keynote template for your corporate, business, marketing, or economy presentations. You can switch up the colors and elements within this template because it is vector-based.
  12. Marketing PlanMarketing Plan – You can use this free Keynote template for all sorts of business presentations about plans, strategies, and advertising. The background has warm colors and the overall feel is very professional.
  13. MinimalMinimal theme – The minimal Keynote template is not a show of minimal effort. On the contrary, its light and bright elements put the content of the presentation under the spotlight. Your presentation will be easy to follow and comprehensive if you do your part well.
  14. PartnershipBusiness Partnership Theme –This warm and friendly Keynote theme is both professional and upbeat. There is a hand in a handshake gesture in the background. It shows that you are ready to cooperate and make a deal, which is excellent for job applications and business meetings.
  15. PhysicsPhysics Theme – A fantastic sci-fi, futuristic Keynote template, you can use it for science projects, particularly something related to energy and space. The background is black while the titles and the text are white for contrast.
  16. SocialMediaSocial Media –The Social Media Keynote template can shine in various presentations. It is in a light and unobtrusive yellow that’s easy on the eyes. You can use this template to talk about the Internet, the new wave of media, social networks, etc.
  17. Super GreenSuper Green – This is a harmonious and easy-going free Keynote template. You can use it to lift up the mood and give a motivational presentation. The colors are bright green and the template can handle various presentations.
  18. TeamTeam – The team-themed Keynote template is great for motivational, bonding, team building, teamwork, cooperation, sport, and group presentations. You can use it for business, sports, human relations, or any other social topics.
  19. MinimalisticMinimalistic Theme – If you don’t like over-the-top and flashy presentation, the minimalistic Keynote template could be your best choice. This is a modern and elegant theme which you can use universally for just about any topic or occasion.
  20. HistoryHistory Timeline – Obviously, the history timeline Keynote template is best for presentations about history or something extended that happened in the past. The best part about this vector-based template is that you can customize everything in it.
  21. Tree DiagramTree Diagram Set – Any presentation about branches, history, family trees could use this free Keynote template. It is very versatile, which means you can use it both for a school project as a teacher or a student, or something entirely different.
  22. BiographyBiography – This free Keynote template is very stylish with a brown background. It is serious and formal. You can use it for history presentations, family trees, biographies, etc. for your work or school projects.

Freeeiwork Keynote Templates

Another great place where you can find Keynote templates for just about any situations is This site has a simple layout and you’ll be able to find the following Keynote templates right away.

You can either use the search bar at the top right corner of the site or scroll through the template selection manually. When you find the right theme, scroll down to the bottom and click on the Current version under Download. Here are some of the best free Keynote templates on the site:

  1. Orange CurveOrange Curve – The orange curve Keynote template is simple yet very stylish. You can use it for all sorts of presentations, and it’s certain to help you maintain your audience’s focus. The warm colors are bound to give you and your presentation an energetic appearance.
  2. Modern SolidModern Solid – This is a modern Keynote template but you may find yourself using it often, so it’s both modern and classic. You can add your text, bullet points, photos, logo, company name, etc.
  3. Blue StripesBlue Stripes – This is a particularly colorful and futuristic free Keynote template. The background is a mix of dark and light blue. The use of this template is universal, as you can use it for work, school, and any other projects.
  4. BubblesBubbles – Bubbles is an interesting yet very simple Keynote template. You don’t need an in-depth presentation for this template to work. If your topic is nature or water-related, it will fit perfectly.
  5. LeopardLeopard Server Aurora – This is an astonishing free Keynote template that you can use it for any tech, nature, science, or business presentation. The beautiful background will mesmerize your audience.
  6. PondPond – The pond Keynote template is a simple and bright template that you can use for your biology class, any eco-oriented topics, or just about anything else. The background is light blue and green, which is calming and pleasant.
  7. Spring – This springtime Keynote template is an excellent mood lifter. The background is hand-drawn and it could easily immerse your audience in whatever topic you are presenting. Make your project bloom and flourish with this theme.
  8. StripeStripe – An old but gold Keynote template, the very warm and engaging background will attract your audience right away. You can use this theme for just about any project, casual or professional.
  9. WeatheredWeathered – Don’t worry, you won’t feel old and beaten down with this Keynote template. Neither will your audience, for the simple, yet elegant background will keep them focused.
  10. Christmas treeWhite Light Christmas Tree – This free Keynote template is great for spreading the festive spirit and joy of Christmas. You can use this theme to cheer up your colleagues or classmates during the cold winter days.
  11. elephant polygonPolygon Elephant – The polygon elephant is not an ordinary Keynote template. It stands out and grabs attention because it is so different and refreshing. You can use it to present fun, abstract, or artistic projects.
  12. pink purple celestial swooshPink Purple Celestial Swoosh – Here is another interesting and unique Keynote template. The background is exactly as described in the title in the form of a fiery object in space. Show your creative side with this theme.
  13. burning moonBurning Moon – Another space-related Keynote template, this one looks really cool and eerie and will definitely excite your audience. The best use of this template is for science projects, Sci-Fi, or similar presentations.
  14. Trendy EclecticTrendy Eclectic – This Keynote theme looks formal enough, but it is still cheery. The background resembles a letter, and the picture of a woman smiling is there to brighten the mood. You can use this template for a wide array of topics.
  15. beneath iceBeneath Ice – This simple Keynote template has a cool background. The color is deep sea blue, and you can use it for presentations of any depth of meaning. The theme is multi-purpose and universal.
  16. black and blueBlack and Blue Abstract – This Keynote theme is anything but boring. The abstract colors are detailed and awe-inspiring. You can show off your epic personality with this template.
  17. white burstWhite Burst Abstract – This abstract Keynote theme is captivating, to say the least. It seems simple at first but you can get lost in the detail of colors in the background. Your presentation can be about anything, only that it will be more engaging with this template.
  18. blue chevronBlue Chevron – This satisfying Keynote theme is elegant and attractive. The background is white with blue lines and reminiscent of waves. You can use it for business presentations and casual projects alike.

Present Away

That brings this article to a conclusion. Hopefully you’ve found what you were looking for.

All of the three mentioned sites are completely free, except for the eventual share or like request from some of the artists. Did you enjoy this topic? Which template on the list would you consider your favorite? Let us know with a comment below.

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