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Why Isn’t ABC on FuboTV?

Why Isn't ABC on FuboTV?

FuboTV is a great place for cord-cutters. It is most suited for sports fans, but it is not flawless. The most asked question regarding FuboTV’s missing channels why doesn’t FuboTV have ABC, and why doesn’t it have ESPN?

However, FuboTV does have a substantial selection of channels, even the local ones. That surely isn’t going to change. Read on for a more detailed assessment of the topic in question.

Why Isn’t ABC on FuboTV?

The short answer is, the competition got it first. ABC is the property of Disney, who launched their streaming service recently. It makes sense for Disney to bundle everything they have on Disney+. In case you didn’t know, Disney owns ESPN too.

FuboTV is known as a budget streaming service, with very fair prices and a wide choice of content. If they managed to get ABC and ESPN, the FuboTV subscription would likely increase significantly. It’s improbable to happen, so if you want those two specific networks, you might want to consider a different streaming service.

The current owners of FOX, Sinclair RSNs officials, have confirmed that they offered ABC and ESPN streaming rights to FuboTV, but Fubo refused the offer.

We’ll recommend some alternatives later on, but for now, let’s focus on FuboTV, and what is available.


Which Local TV Networks Are on FuboTV

Sadly, ABC is the only local network you can’t get on Fubo. You can catch many other local channels on FuboTV, including NBC, CBS, CW, Univision, and Telemundo. Most of these local channels are available nationwide for all FuboTV subscribers.

However, some of them are limited, like the CW network. You can only get it in some regions, so feel free to check the official FuboTV support site for more info. Here is a direct link for local channel availability on FuboTV.

Fox used to be available on FuboTV, but it got removed at the beginning of 2020. You can still catch some FOX classic shows such as The Simpsons on-demand if you are a FuboTV subscriber.


Which Streaming Platforms Have ABC

ABC is available on some other streaming services, such as Hulu. Specifically, Hulu Live TV offers many local channels, including ABC, ESPN, CNN, and others. You can get a lot of content on Hulu, for nearly the same subscription cost as FuboTV.

Hulu is very versatile, it is excellent for sports fans and people who want on-demand content, and it offers support for many devices. You can use the free trial period (one week) to see if you like Hulu Live.

YouTube TV is also a great alternative. You can watch ABC, ESPN, NBC, and many other major networks on it. Even though this platform is relatively new, it’s been very successful so far. Its popularity should rise even more in the future, especially since it has fair pricing.

Last but not least, you can catch ABC on AT and T TV NOW. Note that local coverage is limited, so check if ABC is available in your area. This streaming platform costs a little extra, but it also nets you HBO, among other great channels.

No Dice

Unfortunately, FuboTV isn’t going to get access to ABC or ESPN any time soon. They lost Fox as well, which must’ve been a hard blow. Hopefully, they can recover and keep being the go-to sports streaming service.

Is that big enough of a reason for you to stop subscribing to FuboTV? Which channels would you like added in the future? We’d love to hear your thoughts and any additional questions you may have. Share them with us in the comments section below.

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3 thoughts on “Why Isn’t ABC on FuboTV?”

Johnny Wilson says:
I couldn’t care less about CBS and ABC. In my area I get ABC National and no CBS through Fubo. NBC is there as is Fox National. My question is: who does Fubo negotiate with on NBC? The owners or NBC? The owner of the local NBC station is Nexstar which just extorted a billion dollars out of Dish. So, will I see the local NBC held hostage by Nexstar sometime in the future? Or is NBC is charge on this local? I hope it’s NBC and not Nexstar.
John E Gilliam says:
Fubo tv is missing ABC in my local area. They still charged me the full price for the new package without ABC added.
How long will this go on? Will they offer a discount to those who miss the channel ?
Phillip Schaffner says:
Ok i am using youtube tv and they have all the locals including ABC and i’m not paying a big price because we have ABC so fubos response makes no sense why they can’t offer ABC.

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