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Galaxy J5 Won’t Turn On Just Vibrates (Solution)

One issue that seems to be happening to the Samsung Galaxy J5 is that some times the Galaxy J5 won’t turn on and just vibrates. According to some, it seems that the smartphone is working like normal and they feel the vibration but the screens do not wake up when they try to wake it up. Some common ways that the Galaxy J5 doesn’t work is that it powers up and will power down again just after the Samsung logo flashes for a bit. There might also be screen warning about download or modding your Galaxy J5. The main symptom however will be the constant vibrating and if you connect your charger there will be no charging notification after it’s off. But this can be fixed and we’ll explain how to fix this problem when the Samsung Galaxy J5 won’t turn on just vibrates.

Fixing the main Galaxy J5 issue when the smartphone is constantly vibrating and you connect the charger there will be no charging notification after it’s off, may require you to open up the device and fix the solution yourself instead of paying tons of money by sending the Galaxy J5 to a repair shop.


How to Fix Samsung Galaxy J5 Won’t Turn On Just Vibrates Issue

  1. Turn off the Galaxy J5
  2. Remove the back cover of the Galaxy
  3. Remove the battery from the smartphone
  4. Using a screwdriver, remove the screws beneath the back cover.
  5. Now carefully separate the seems or the two folds holding the front and rear of the device together.
  6. After the entire back is removed, find the power button covering and remove real power button that looks white
  7. Using a screwdriver move the button in all four directions to get it lose. Then lift the circuit board and remove any potential dirt or dust from within the button or circuit board.
  8. Replace the battery and attempt to power the unit up, this may take several attempts to get it correct.


If it works back up your phone, note that the button may become stuck again so you may want to leave the outer covering of the power button off or you may have to get a little creative with your device to keep using it.


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