Galaxy Note 5: How To Fix Touchscreen Not Working In Spots

If you have a Samsung Galaxy Note 5, some have said that they want to know how to fix spots of the touchscreen not working.

Before you think that you need to replace the touchscreen on the Galaxy Note 5, you should do some test to see if you can fix the touchscreen problem yourself. Below is a guide on how you can fix touchscreen not functioning in spots using the Service menu on the Galaxy Note 5.


How To Fix Touchscreen Not Working In Spots on Galaxy Note 5

  1. Turn on your smartphone.
  2. Open the Phone app.
  3. Type in “*#0*#”.
  4. Look for the tiles that look in the shape of a “X”
  5. Try to paint all of them with your fingers, than the touch test worked and the Galaxy Note 5 screen is fine.


If for some reason you can’t paint the tiles in the shape of a “X” than you may need to get your Galaxy Note 5 screen replaced. If there’s still a warranty on your smartphone, than Samsung should be able to replace your smartphone and fix the problem



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