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Galaxy S7 Won’t Turn On: What To Do

Galaxy S7 Won’t Turn On: What To Do

Samsung’s Galaxy S7 is the latest iteration of Samsung’s popular flagship ‘S’ line. From its powerful processor to its impressive, sharp shooting camera, the S7 is definitely a device Samsung’s competitors should be wary of. More importantly it is a device that consumers love.

However as with everything this brilliant device is not without issues. If you are the lucky owner of an S7, hopefully you never have to run into any issues and your device works all the way up to the time you wish to upgrade and beyond that.

If you are unfortunate enough to have run into issues, particularly if your device won’t turn on, don’t panic; we may be able to help. Below we will be discussing a few possible solutions to the problem of you device not turning on.

1. Battery Too Weak: Charge Phone

This is probably not the first possibility that comes to mind when you are thinking about why your device isn’t turning on. It may seem obvious but it really isn’t.

You may have had less battery life left than you originally thought, or there may be an app or process running in the background that is draining your battery more quickly than it should be.

Plug in your phone for at least 10 minutes to see if this resolves the issue.

2. Force Restart Your Device

Your phone may have encountered an error without you even realizing it and may need to be forcibly restarted.

Although a battery pull isn’t possible since the S7 doesn’t have a user accessible battery, you can still force restart your phone.

To do this hold down the combination of the volume down and power keys for about 10 seconds.

3. Wipe Cache Partition In Recovery Mode

Another possible solution worth trying is booting your S7 into recovery mode and attempting to wipe the cache partition to see if this helps. To do this you will need to first hold down the home and volume up and then the power key.

Do this until you see the Samsung logo. After you see the logo, release the power key while continuing to hold the volume up and home keys.

You should eventually see the recovery mode options load onto the screen. The option you are concerned with is the Wipe Cache Partition option.

Use the volume rocker to navigate the recovery mode menu, select this option by pressing the power key and see if it makes a difference with your situation.

4. Boot Into Safe Mode

In order to boot your phone into safe mode you will first need to hold down the power key. When the Samsung logo is visible, release the power key and hold down the volume down key.

The aim is to continue to do so until you can see the words ‘Safe mode’ in the bottom left hand corner of your screen.

If you were able to successfully boot into safe mode then this is great. Maybe a faulty app was to blame. Uninstall any suspected apps one by one and see if uninstalling any of these allows your phone to turn on normally.

If this or none of the other methods mentioned before works then you will need a more powerful tool.

5. Factory Reset

If your phone is not turning on normally then in order to carry out a factory reset, you will have to first see if your phone is able to boot into recovery mode.

If your device can indeed boot into recovery mode then using the volume rocker, select the wipe data/factory reset option using your power button. If this works you will however lose all of the data on your device.

6. Consult With A Technician

If none of the above methods works out, there is a strong possibility that your issue is hardware related. A qualified technician may be able to offer you assistance in this case.

Final Thoughts

It is quite unfortunate when we have issues with our Android smartphones and your device not turning on is probably one of the more frightening issues to have.

Hopefully we were able to assist you if you encountered this problem. Thank you for reading and please feel free to leave an comments or questions you may have in the comments sections below.

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