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Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8 Plus: Meanings Of H +, 3G, LTE, G And E? – Solved

If you look at the status bar of your Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone, one of the following symbols should be right next to the network bars indicator: LTE, 3G, E, H+ or G. In case you don’t really know what they mean, it wouldn’t hurt you familiarize yourself with these terms, just so you can have a better clue of what you’re working with.

In today’s article, we will walk you through some general explanations regarding each of these terms. Let us take them one at a time.


LTE, also known as 4G

The LTE term stands for the so-called Long Term Evolution. As you probably know, it is also the fastest mobile data connection method currently available. It is called 4G because it happens to be the fourth generation. Whenever you see it on your status bar, expect to benefit from the fastest mobile data speed supported by your provider, up to 21.6Mbit/s for downloads and 5.7Mbit/s for uploads!



E, also known as Edge

You must have seen it at least once by now and even though it belongs to some of the slower connections, it can be easily reached in almost any part of the U.S.A. Thanks to it, one can reach 218Kbit/s download speeds and 109Kbit/s upload speeds. As you can image, it is a slow enough speed to prevent you from watching videos properly, but it is still reasonable for navigating web pages. Even so, expect to deal with significant time lags when using it.


3G, also known as UMTS

Yet another fast mobile data connection method, the 3G is still a bit slower than the previous two options. Your Galaxy S8 smartphone, however, should navigate online more than decent with this type of connection, supporting speeds of up to 380Kbits of download and 180Kbit/s of upload.


H+, also known as HSPA (HSDPA/HSUPA)

The second fastest mobile data connection method currently available, it should allow you speeds of up to 7.5Mbit/s of download and 1.35Mbit/s of upload!



G, also known as GPRS

Without a doubt, this is the slowest speed that your Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone can benefit of. With 53.6Kbit/s of download and 27Kbit/s of upload, it will feel like you almost have no internet at all! WhatsApp messaging, obviously without any kind of pictures, is probably something you could try, though any other internet activity will be almost impossible with this type of mobile data connection.

Now that you know your options with the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone, may all you will ever see on your status bar be a 4G or H+!


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Apr 5, 2017

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