Galaxy S8 Won't Connect To PC

Connecting a Samsung Galaxy S8 to a PC is usually a simple process. Nevertheless, there may be instances when you encounter particular issues. If you’ve been trying to make your phone show up as an MTP device without success, below listed are the four most common fixes that you can try when Galaxy S8 won’t connect to PC.

  1. Verify the USB cable – if it’s damaged, there’s no wonder you cannot connect the two devices, so try to use a different USB cable if you have one at hand;
  1. Verify the USB port – if you have another free USB port on your PC, try to connect the cable on that one;
  1. Check the drivers – when you’re not using the correct drivers, all kinds of things can go wrong.


  1. Uninstall the device in Windows and start it all over again – if you have recently installed the software drivers for your smartphone, remove them and then reinstall them all over again:
  • Launch the Run dialog box by simultaneously pressing the Windows Key and the R key;
  • In the input field type msc and hit the Enter key on your keyboard;
  • In the newly opened window tap on the Other Devices section;
  • Select the Unknown Device entry that has a yellow exclamation mark next to it;
  • Right-click on Unknown Device and tap on Uninstall;
  • Right-click anywhere on the Device Manager window;
  • From the context menu that will show up, select the option labeled as “Scan for hardware changes”;
  • Let it scan and wait for it to detect your Samsung Galaxy S8 once again.

That’s pretty much all you can try on your own to make a Galaxy S8 smartphone easily connect to your PC.

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