Galaxy S9: Forgot Backup Password (Solution)

Forgetting backup password has happened to most of us, and it’s really not a big deal especially if you are always busy and if it’s been long since you typed the password.

Although there are ways to easily recover your password most of the effective ways that are available will require a hard factory reset to recover your backup files. The reason why most people are always skeptical about this process is that it will delete all the files on your Galaxy S9.

But there is no need to be upset because there are other ways that you can use to fix the backup password issue on your Galaxy S9 without losing your important files and data.

Unlock Samsung Galaxy S9 with Android Device Manager

This method is one of the effective ways of solving of bypassing a backup password, but it can only work for owners of Galaxy S9 that had registered their device with the Android Device Manager before the issue happened. You can do this by using a computer to launch the Android Device Manager and then locate the Lock option where you will be able to reset the password.

  1. You will need a computer to start the Android Device Manager program
  2. As soon as the program starts, locate your Galaxy S9
  3. Activate the “Lock Feature”
  4. Type in a temporary password
  5. Provide the password to open your Galaxy S9
  6. You can then change the password to another password that you will easily remember anytime

Unlock Samsung Galaxy S9 with Samsung Find My Mobile

Your new Galaxy S9 also comes with a “remote feature” that serves two purposes; you can use it to locate your phone in case it goes missing and you can also use it to reset the password of your Galaxy S9 without using the lock screen.

Just like the first method, it is also mandatory that you have registered your Galaxy S9 with Samsung for this method to work.

  1. You should ensure that you register your Galaxy S9 with Samsung
  2. Launch the Find My Mobile service to create a new password
  3. Type in the temporary password
  4. You can then make use of the temporary password to unlock the lock screen
  5. Then register a new password that you will be using to unlock your Galaxy S9.

How To Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S9

The first thing you should do is to make sure that you backup all your important files and data that you have on your Galaxy S9 before you carry out this process. The reason for this is because; the factory reset process will delete all your files and data.If you have not backed your Galaxy S9 and you will like to do so, just go to Settings on your Galaxy S9, scroll to “Backup and Restore” and click on it. You can use this detailed guide on how to factory reset a Galaxy S9.

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