How You Can Switch OFF And ON Camera Location In Samsung Galaxy S9

The new Samsung Galaxy S9 is packed with a lot of powerful and useful features. One of these features is the camera location feature. The work of this feature is to save the location where you take a picture. This means that anytime you take a picture, the location will be among the details of the picture.

As cool and amazing as the feature is, there are some users of the Galaxy S9 that will like to know how they can switch it off.  There are times when you take a picture, and you want people to know your location. This is one of the reasons why there are users feel that the feature is not useful and they will like to know how they can switch it off.

If you will like to know how you can switch on and of the camera location feature on your Galaxy S9, then you should follow the tips that I will list below

How To Switch Off and On Samsung Galaxy S9 Camera App Location

  1. Switch on your Galaxy S9
  2. Locate the camera app and click on it
  3. Find the Settings icon and tap it
  4. Search the menu until you see the option labeled location tags
  5. Touch the option, and the toggle will move to off

After you have successfully followed the tips listed above, you can be sure that the location feature will not be added to your pictures anymore on your Galaxy S9.

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Side Button Not Working

We’ve  all experienced our phone buttons not working properly, and the new Galaxy S9 is no exceptions is that although it’s one of the best smartphones available right now. When this happens to your smartphone, and the side button stops workings. What do you do?

There have been complaints from the users of the Galaxy S9 that the side button bails to quickly wake up the phone sometimes and there are times when they will switch on their phone, and the screen will stay black.

Some users have also reported that sometimes when they receive a call on their Galaxy S9, the pickup key does not respond and they will need to press it several times before it works. In this article, I will explain how you can solve these issues on your Galaxy S9.


A defective app is one of the popular causes of side button not working properly on Galaxy S9. In the light of this, I will suggest that you put your Galaxy S9 in Safe Mode and then check to see if the button is working correctly again.

If you will like to know how you can put your Galaxy S9 in Safe Mode, you can make use of this link. Although there is no specific reason why you are experiencing this issue on your Galaxy S9, but the Safe Mode method is a good place to start. The Safe Mode is a safe and effective way of identifying the cause of the issue.  

If the Safe Method does not solve the problem, then you should move to the next method which is to carry out a factory hard reset. Although this process will wipe off everything on your Galaxy S9 but if you have your data backed up, then there is no need to worry.

Once the process is finally completed, you should update the firmware of your Galaxy S9. You can contact your carrier to ask for the latest firmware update.

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