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Google Play Services Has Stopped On LG G5 (Solution)

Google Play Services Has Stopped On LG G5 (Solution)

For those that own a LG G5, you may have seen the message saying “Google Play services has stopped.” This is a message that most people don’t want to see when using their LG G5. But you shouldn’t worry, you can use several different methods to fix when you see the Google Play services stopped message. Just follow the guide below and you should be able to fix the Google Play doesn’t work problem in no time for your LG G5.


Google Play Services Has Stopped On LG G5

The main reason that you’ll see the “Google Play services has stopped” is because of a settings changes on the Android operating system. Even though it’s not always clear why Google Play services stopped, if you follow the several tips below in sequentially order and you should be able to open Google Play store.


Step 1

The first thing you need to do is clear the cache off the Google Play Store. You can do this by going to the Menu, then select on Settings, followed by Applications and browse for Application Manager and select on “All”  and search for the entry “Google Play services.” You’ll next see a button that says “Clear Cache” which you need to select on to help fix the Google Play doesn t work problem. After you’ve cleared the cache, you need to restart your LG G5.


Step 2

After you have restarted your LG G5, follow the previous steps from above again by going to Menu –> Settings –> Applications –> Application Manager –> tab “All.” Once here, select on the “More” option on the top right corner of the screen and then select on the “Reset app preferences”. After you’ve done this, you need to again restart your LG G5 to help fix the problem of the Google Play store won’t open.


Step 3

The next thing you need to do to fix the Google Play services has stopped message from showing up is removing your Google account and then adding it back again. You can remove your Google account from the home screen, by selecting on menu and then tapping on Android settings. Browse until you find “Accounts” and then delete the option that says “Remove account.” After you delete your Google account, go back and reinstall it by tapping on Settings –> Accounts and then “Add Account”.


Step 4

The final step to solve the Google Play services stopped is by performing a Wipe Cache Partition. After you’ve cleared the Cache Partition, you should stop having any problems with the Google Play store won’t open on the LG G5.


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