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How to Use a Promo Code with GrubHub

How to Use a Promo Code with GrubHub

There’s nothing more awesome than realizing that you can order food for free via Grubhub. Yep, these are called promo codes and they’re very much a thing on America’s most popular food ordering app. Promo codes also offer various online discounts, which are very cool for large food orders.

For first-time users, however, these codes can cause a bit of a confusion. If you haven’t fully mastered the Grubhub app/website, promo codes are just another headache. Don’t give up, though. This guide will teach you how to take advantage of these great offers.

grubhub use promo code

Grubhub Website

Many people prefer ordering via the Grubhub website on their desktop computers or laptops, rather than dealing with the mobile app. This is perfectly understandable, as the website is both user-friendly and effective for making food orders.

To use a promo code on, try copying it using the Ctrl + C command or by right-clicking and selecting Copy from the dropdown menu. Keep in mind, though, that some websites and emails don’t allow copying the code in this way. In this case, take out your phone and type the code in your dialer or in a notes app. Or, you can do it the old-school way. Take out a piece of paper and jot the code down.

Now, go to the food browsing page on Grubhub and search for your meal. Make sure that you’re looking at food that’s eligible for discounts. Put the food in your cart and navigate to the cart by clicking Buy towards the top of the screen. As long as you’ve fulfilled the minimum order requirements, and as long as you agree with all the terms and conditions, you can select Proceed to checkout.

At the checkout, you should see a link that reads, “Want to use a gift or promo code?” Click this link, paste the code using the Ctrl + V command (or simply type it in), and select Apply. This needs to be done before submitting the order or the promo code won’t be taken into account.

Now, submit your order.

Grubhub Mobile App

Things work pretty much the same here as they do on the website. Some links may be placed differently, but as long as we’re talking about applying promo codes, all you need to do is type it in the corresponding field or paste it there before submitting your order.

Keep in mind that there are no phone- or computer-specific promo codes. A promo code is a promo code, you can use it on any device of your choice.

What’s the Best Way to Get a Promo Code

There are other ways to get a promo code for Grubhub, but the easiest method is definitely through referrals. If you’re ordering food from Grubhub for the first time, you can use somebody’s referral code to get $12 off, as long as your order is $15 or more.

grubhub promo code

Once you’ve used this discount, you can get more discounts by giving your referral code to people who haven’t used Grubhub themselves before. Both you and the person you referred will receive the $12 off for your next order.

There are no limitations here; as long as you refer somebody, you can get these discounts. So, feel free to post your referral code on social media and get creative with it.

Special Offers

There’s nothing you can really do here except being on a lookout for special orders. For instance, whenever Grubhub launches in a new market, they’ll feature discounts to gain traction. Keep an eye on these opportunities if you want more promo codes.

Making the Most Out of Promo Codes

Promo codes and coupons are brilliant ways to eat at large discounts or even for free. As outlined above, Grubhub has a referral program that can save you $12 or more. Follow these guidelines to make the most out of it.

Have you ever used a promo code on Grubhub? What kind of code was it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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