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How Long Do TV Warranties Last?

How Long Do TV Warranties Last?

Whether you’re buying a small TV for your home gym or a 100-inch screen for the entertainment room, it’s essential to learn about the product’s warranty. A brand new TV is a sophisticated unit, but it can also be sensitive, and not every vulnerability is covered by a warranty.

While some differences exist, most leading TV manufacturers attach a one-year warranty to their products. They’ll offer free part replacements and repairs during this period and, in some instances, even replace the entire TV.

Because TVs are not designed to last forever, the lack of lifetime warranties is unsurprising. Still, many people fail to utilize their TV’s warranty while it’s valid because they aren’t sure what’s covered and how it all works. Therefore, we’ll give you a full explanation of the duration and scope of TV warranties below.

Types of TV Warranties

The best TVs are made from durable materials and won’t break easily. Also, as most TVs feature smart technology, the best operating systems are typically robust and not prone to glitches.

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Still, buying a new TV will set you back at least several hundred dollars, and some premium models can cost up to $20,000 or even $30,000.

Whatever amount you’re able and willing to pay, the TV warranty should give you some peace of mind for a while. Before going into details on TV brands and available warranties, let’s see the types of coverage you can expect.

TV Warranties How Long It Last

Full TV Warranty

Ideally, your new TV arrives with a full warranty covering the entire product. The manufacturer that sells the TV is required by law to service any damaged parts in a reasonable time frame and even provide a refund if they can’t provide a solution.

Purchasing a TV with a full warranty is often more expensive because there are no limitations regarding the type of repairs and part replacements.

Limited TV Warranty

A TV can also have a limited warranty, which, as the name implies, offers reduced coverage. Furthermore, limited warranties typically focus on issues that may have occurred during the manufacturing process.

Sometimes, a limited warranty includes replacing parts but doesn’t include the labor, which buyers must pay separately.

Extended TV Warranty

If you’re buying an expensive new TV, you might want to consider an extended warranty. It’s an insurance policy with a fixed price you pay once, and that’s it.

The standard TV warranty from the manufacturer is typically one year long, but the extended warranty can go anywhere between two and five years. Note that it’s not the manufacturer that provides the extended warranty but the vendor from which you’ve purchased the unit.

Extended warranties can be a pretty good deal for all TVs, especially high-end models, as they include preventative maintenance, power surge protection, and other low- or no-cost improvements.

Furthermore, the extended warranty should extend to the physical buttons, remote control, IR sensors, and even software. Bear in mind that extended warranties are not the norm but a feature some TV owners choose to reduce the cost of potential repairs down the line.

How Long Do TV Warranty Last

Do All TVs Come With a Warranty?

Unless you’re buying a used TV, the answer is yes. A TV you buy from a legitimate vendor always comes with a warranty, regardless of duration.

But if you choose to sell the used or unused TV, the warranty does not transfer to the new owner. The only potential exception is the extended warranties, as some vendors may allow transferability.

However, you need to contact the vendor and go through official channels to enable the extended warranty transfer.

What Is Not Covered by a TV Warranty?

The range of coverage for limited, complete, and extended warranties varies, but certain damages are not included in either warranty type.

Normal wear and tear come to mind first, but natural disasters and product modifications are not covered under warranty. Basically, anything that can happen to your TV that isn’t considered the manufacturer’s fault is excluded.

Top TV Brands and Warranties They Offer

Most TV brands offer warranties that last about a year, but it’s imperative to read the fine print and be sure what you’re dealing with when you buy a new TV.

To make matters a bit easier, we’ll examine the top TV brands sold in the U.S. and discuss the warranties they offer.

How Long TV Warranties Last


Without a doubt, Samsung is one of the best electronics companies, and their TVs range from affordable to high-end. All Samsung TVs are covered for the warranty period of 12 months, and the remote control is covered for six months.

The limited warranty covers in-house repairs and some part replacements. The plastic panels, control knobs, cables, levers, and accessories are not covered under warranty.

Also, Samsung strongly suggests registering your TV via their official website to receive additional benefits.


This relatively new brand is known for selling more affordable smart TVs and has been growing in popularity in the last five years. The California-based company offers a standard one-year limited warranty for non-commercial use and a 90-day warranty for commercial purposes on all of their TVs.

However, if you purchase your Vizio TV from an authorized wholesale retailer such as Costco, BJ’s Wholesale Club, and Sam’s Club, you get a three-year limited warranty.

To register your Vizio TV and get access to better tech support, go to the official registration website.

LG Electronics

For those who want the top features and aren’t deterred by a price tag, LG Electronics offers some of the best smart TVs on the market.

They too offer many different models, ranging in performance and price, but they all have a one-year limited warranty for parts and labor.

However, LG offers extended warranties directly to the buyers for the period between one and three years. You can register your LG TV through the company’s official website.


If there was ever a brand synonymous with high-quality TVs, it would be Sony. This household brand specializes in premium TV models, and its BRAVIA line probably delivers the best at-home movie theatre experience you can get these days.

Sony TVs also use a limited one-year warranty, but BRAVIA products can be purchased with an extended three-year warranty for extra protection. For product registration, visit this webpage.


The Chinese TV manufacturer specializes in mid-range TVs and doesn’t branch out to other products as much as other brands. Hisense TVs have many great features and come with a limited one-year warranty for non-commercial and a 90-day guarantee for commercial purposes.

The warranty covers parts and labor and doesn’t include coverage for accidents and shipping damages. You can register your Hisense TV by going to the official registration page.


This is another China-based TV brand that gained popularity in North America. These TVs offer some high-end features without the associated price. Same as other major TV manufacturers.

TCL offers a limited one-year warranty on the name of the first purchaser. The warranty covers defects in workmanship and materials but does not cover damage caused by DIY repairs, accidents, or spillage. By following this link, you can register your brand new TCL TV.

How to Claim a TV Warranty

If you notice your TV malfunctioning, it’s best to check the warranty and see if the TV is still covered. A valid warranty relieves you from having to deal with repairs yourself.

But to get the repairs your TV needs, you must first claim the warranty properly. The two most common ways to claim a warranty are to go to the store where you purchased the TV, or if you bought the device online, call the dedicated customer service number and talk to an agent.

Many TV manufacturers also have efficient online forms where you can fill out the warranty information and submit a claim. In some instances, you will need to have registered the warranty upon purchase, and failing to do so could void the warranty.

On the other hand, some brands offer free extended warranties if the users register their smart TVs online.

What Do You Do if the Store Won’t Honor the TV Warranty?

Manufacturers will always scrutinize warranty claims and ensure that the issue is on their end before they make the necessary repairs or replacements.

However, in some instances, you may have to deal with a manufacturer or vendor refusing to honor the warranty and pay the associated cost of repairs. These situations can be distressing, but fortunately, you’re not out of options.

You can send a demand letter, which is an official document that outlines the problem and requires financial restitution.

Demand letters are often the precursor to lawsuits, so companies tend to take them seriously. Also, if demand letters don’t work, a lawsuit is an option, especially if you’re dealing with expensive repairs that you had to pay out of pocket.

Getting the Most From Your TV Warranty

Once you purchase a new TV, you have about a year of free repairs, as most brands include combined coverage for parts and labor.

The challenge with TV warranties is that sometimes we misplace the document and haven’t registered the product, so those claims might be a little more challenging – but not impossible.

Extended warranties are almost always an option; sometimes, they are a great decision, and others an unnecessary expense. That’s an entirely personal decision.

Registering your TV via the manufacturer’s official website cuts down the effort you need to make in requesting customer and tech support, so it’s always a good idea to go through that process.

Have you ever had to make a warranty claim for your TV? Let us know in the comments section below.

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