How To Change The Screen Timeout Settings On Galaxy S9

More than anything, the display of your smartphone drains the most power from your batteries. It is a good measure to always find ways of minimizing the display. This will help to make your batteries last longer. For those who own Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone, you might have realized that your smartphone runs a lot more processes than other standard smartphones. With these processes, there is an increased chance that you will also drain more power from your battery. You can also tweak the screen timeout feature to help you save some battery power. Changing the screen timeout settings can make a great difference in how you use your smartphone and for how long.

Default Screen Timeout On Galaxy S9

The default screen timeout is set at 30 seconds and you can increase or decrease this time using the Smart Stay feature. The Smart Stay feature is used to detect whether the smartphone user is looking at their screen display or not. When this feature recognizes that you are looking at your screen display, it will enhance the brightness of the screen but when it realizes that you are no longer looking at the screen, it will reduce the brightness of the display automatically hence saving some battery energy in the long run.

However, it has come to our attention that there are some folks who don’t really appreciate the Smart Stay feature and hence might find it a nuisance on their device. If this is the case, you can always manually adjust the screen timeout settings on your own. This alternative can have its downsides and its upsides as well. For instance, it is very simple to use and can provide you with the balance you need to keep the display for 30 seconds or more.

Looking on the other side though, you will note that when the display stays on for too long, it tends to drain your battery a lot quicker. Moreover, when you allow your screen to stay on for too long, it will give an easy time to thieves who might steal it and access your files since they will find it unlocked.

You Can Adjust Your Screen Timeout Settings Using The Steps Provided Below;

  1. Open your Galaxy S9 smartphone
  2. Get access to your settings menu
  3. Access the display menu from your settings
  4. In the display menu, look for the screen timeout option and select it
  5. Once the screen timeout submenu opens in a new window, choose your preferred duration of inactivity
  6. Exit the menu once you are done with the selection

The “Keep Screen Turned Off” Feature



We would have ended this guide there but we thought of giving you something more so as to enable you to work things around your Galaxy S9 with a lot of ease. For those who are having trouble keeping their Samsung Galaxy S9 in sleep mode even when the smartphone is in their pockets or bags, you might need to activate a special function known as the “Keep screen turned off” option.

This option has sensors designed to monitor when you are in a dark place such as the pocket or bag. When such dark environs are detected, this option will always prevent the screen from turning on accidentally.

To access the “Keep screen turned off” feature, just head to your Settings and look under the Display submenus. The option is near the bottom of the list of options in your Display menu under the settings. Once you see this feature, just tap on it to activate. Having done that, you can be sure that your Samsung Galaxy S9 battery will last a bit longer than usual.

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