How To Easily Fix MTP Connection Problems On Galaxy S9

Most people have seen the MTP mode when using their smartphones but very few actually know what it stands for. For the curious fans, MTP simply means Media Transfer Protocol. This protocol allows you to connect your Galaxy S9 to a PC and be able to transfer files without using any internet connectivity. Once you’ve started constantly using the MTP connection, you will find it fast and reliable. However, it can be a pain when you run into an MTP problem.  MTP problems are characterized by your inability to establish a connection between your Samsung Galaxy S9 and your PC. Galaxy S9 users who have run into a similar problem have raised the following issues:

  • Inability to transfer photos or files to their Galaxy S9 from the PC
  • The Galaxy S9 cannot be recognized by the PC
  • Galaxy S9 does not recognize the PC
  • Inability to connect to the PC
  • No files can be detected in the Galaxy S9 when connected to the PC
  • Problems transferring files successfully to the Galaxy S9.

If you are experiencing any of the MTP problems stated above, you need to learn the following troubleshooting solutions for the MTP connectivity.

Step #1 – Check The USB Cable

The first solution you should begin with is to check the USB for any damages that could be causing it to be ineffective. In most cases, MTP connection problems result from a faulty USB cable. Try to use a different USB cable on your Galaxy S9 and if it works then, it could be that your USB is indeed faulty and needs to be replaced. In some cases, you will realize that when you connect the USB cable, it is able to charge your device but cannot complete the connection required to transfer files. This is why we always advise the users to use the original USB cable that came with the box when they bought their Galaxy S9. If in case that one is broken, you can buy original Samsung cables from any local gadget store or even online.

Step #2 – Verify The USB Settings On Your Galaxy S9 Smartphone

Sometimes when you connect your Galaxy S9, you will end up without a reliable connection. This could be because your device has the USB in a different mode. You can tweak the USB settings to change the mode from the notifications bar. Just pull down the bar by sliding your fingers downwards on your screen. From here, you will be able to access the USB options.
If the USB options are not available you need to reconnect the USB by unplugging it from the PC then plugging it back again. However, before you plug it in back again, try to switch off your smartphone and power it back on. Access the USB options from the notifications bar as stated above.

Enable USB Debugging Mode

If the USB options are not being displayed in the notifications bar, you must activate the USB debugging mode. The USB debugging mode can be accessed from the Settings. To do so, simply follow the steps provided below:

  1. From your home screen, tap on the Settings menu
  2. In the General Settings menu, tap on About Phone option
  3. In the About Phone window, there will be a list of several items but the one you need to select is the Build Number. Tap the Build Number several times continuously until you see the message saying “You are Now a developer”
  4. You have now activated the Developer Mode, so go back to the General Settings and open the new Developer Options
  5. In this new menu, you will find the option to enable USB Debugging
  6. Once you’ve selected this option, restart your Galaxy S9
  7. After restarting your smartphone, try plugging in the USB cable as usual and take note of the options provided in the notifications bar

If the solutions above prove to be fruitless, it is highly likely that the USB cable you are using is not compatible with the functions of MTP. Some USB cables are intended solely for charging and does not have data transfer capabilities. The best alternative is to use a different Samsung USB cable that has been previously used successfully on a different Samsung Galaxy S9 device to transfer files. 

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