How To Close And Change Apps On Samsung Galaxy J7

For those that own a Samsung Galaxy J7 and have just started using the Android operating system, you may want to know how to close and switch apps. Samsung has changed the way to close and change apps and now it’s even simpler to get from one app to another on the Galaxy J7.

If you want to switch or change between Twitter and Facebook, or just look at all the apps you have open, you’ll want to use the new soft key on the Galaxy J7. The following is a guide on how to close and switch apps on the Galaxy J7.



How To Close And Change Apps:

  1. Turn on the Galaxy J7.
  2. To the left of the home screen, tap the soft key below the screen.
  3. Select the app you want from the select of all the open apps.
  4. You can thumbnail to the right or left to close an application that you don’t want to use anymore.


Once you get to this screen on the Galaxy J7, you can also see the memory use of each open app. This will allow you to see which apps are using a lot of memory and close all running apps by tapping the buttons on the bottom left and right.



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