How To Deactivate the Bixby Feature On Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Similarly to how many users turn of the ‘’OK Google’’ feature, you can also turn off Bixby on your Samsung Galaxy device. Without further ado, let us go you through the steps needed to turn off Bixby on your Galaxy Note 9 smartphone.

How To Disable Bixby on Galaxy Note 9

There are many questions related to disabling Bixby and the various methods you can use. We have composed a list of frequently asked questions to help you understand all you need to know about this feature.
Two primary methods for disabling Bixby is through the app and on the home screen. The most frequently asked question about Bixby is if it is possible to reassign the Bixby button to another app you often use.

1. Disable Bixby via App

– Turn on your Galaxy smartphone
– Launch the Bixby app
– Click on the Gear icon that can be found at the upper right corner of the Galaxy Note 9 screen
– Toggle the ‘’Bixby Key’’ slider left

2. Disable Bixby On Galaxy Note 9 Home Screen

The Bixby app has a home screen interface that pops up when you slide the screen of your Samsung Galaxy S9 to the far left. However, you can turn off this feature via the home screen function. Learn how to deactivate the Bixby feature on the home screen:
1. Slide the toggle function to ”Off” on the Bixby home screen
2. Voila, you have successfully learned how to turn off the Bixby feature on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 home screen
Henceforth there will be zero issues like accidental activation of the Bixby feature or other issues like battery life when it comes it to the Bixby app anymore.

Can I Reassign The Bixby Shortcut Button To A Separate App?

This is possible. However, it requires the use of a third party application like the Bixby Button Remapper to configure the app to open in Messaging, Camera, and other applications.

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