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Does the Samsung Galaxy Note Run Android?

Does the Samsung Galaxy Note Run Android?

In essence, the Samsung Galaxy Note is something in between a smartphone and a tablet. As such, it can be used as both, depending upon your needs.

However, many people don’t know a lot about the operating system. Is it Android? And if so, how does it differ from that of other Samsung Galaxy phones. In this article, we’ll try to answer all your questions.

What Is Android OS?

While many people believe that Android is just another name for Samsung smartphones, that’s not the case. Android is an operating system designed especially for smartphones and tablets. It’s one of the first mobile-friendly operating systems that are suitable for touchscreen devices.

All Samsung phones and tablets use Android OS. Therefore, the answer to your question is yes – Samsung Galaxy Note is an Android device. However, there are various generations of Android OS being continuously developed to meet the needs of its users.

Note Android

Difference Between Samsung Galaxy Phone and Note

There are a lot of versions of Samsung Galaxy smartphones, as well as Samsung Galaxy Notes. It’d be difficult to compare all of them. That’s why we’ll try to talk generally and compare versions of two devices that were released around the same time.

Before we start, it’s worth mentioning that there isn’t a big difference when it comes to the Android operating system they’re using. Actually, the most significant difference is in size, physical appearance, memory, and additional features.

Galaxy Note Android

Size and Easiness of Use

While smartphones are smaller and suitable for single-hand use, you may need to have both hands free to use your Note properly. On the one hand, its more prominent display is very convenient and allows you to multi-task. However, this sometimes becomes a problem because you can’t use it on the go like you would with another phone.

Both devices have their pros and cons. As you can see, sometimes advantages become disadvantages and the other way around. Therefore, everything depends on how you plan to use the device.

Memory and Price

Comparing other smartphones and Note from the same generation, you’ll quickly notice that Notes tend to have more memory. That’s why they’re a better choice for work as you can safely store all your data. However, the difference in storage space doesn’t have to be significant.

Bear in mind that this difference is often reflected in a somewhat larger price.

S Pen

There’s one feature that sets Galaxy Note apart and makes it worthy of every dollar spent: the S pen. If you like to take notes or create to-do lists by hand, you’ll be amazed. The pen is not only easy to use, but the experience is very realistic. It truly feels as if you were writing on paper.

Moreover, some programs can convert your handwritten notes into typed documents so other people can use them as well.

Should I Buy Note or Smartphone?

Everything depends on what do you need. If you want a device that you can carry around with you all day, you may opt for a smartphone. It’s small and compact, but its operating system can be equally powerful as the one on bigger devices.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a multi-purpose device that you can use for work as well, we’d go with the Samsung Galaxy Note. Its bigger screen is very convenient for those who use their device for work. Not only is it healthier for your eyes, but you can also easily open more tabs and work almost as if you were using a laptop.

The only downside of Galaxy Note is that updates aren’t as quick as ones on smartphones. It almost seems that Samsung is testing new features on their smartphones before it introduces them to Notes as well. However, this is only a minor issue, and the Note OS works correctly, even without regular updates.


You now know that Samsung Galaxy Note has the same operating system as Samsung smartphones. It’s Android OS! Both devices can be used similarly, but Notes has many additional benefits. We’ve listed just some of the most important features here, but if you’re not sure, you can make your own list of pros and cons.

Have you already tried the Samsung Galaxy Note? Did you like it? Do you prefer using phones, tablets, or notes? Let us know in the comments section below.

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