How To Enable Developer Options On OnePlus 3T

For those that own the new smartphone from OnePlus, you probably already know of the cool new features, security, settings and a few different options that Android chooses to hide from the standard user. But yo probably want to know how to enable Developer Options on OnePlus 3T. The Developer Options feature allows you to control hidden features that you can change. With Developer Options you can control additional aspects of your device, change settings, or enable USB debugging for advanced functions will need to enable the hidden developer menu in settings.

It’s simple to turn on developer options on OnePlus 3T, with only 5-6 taps on the screen. Below are directions on how to turn on Developer Options on OnePlus 3T.


How to Enable Developer Options on OnePlus 3T

Turn on your smartphone and go to the settings menu. This can also be done by sliding down the notification bar and selecting on the gear-shaped icon near the top right of the display. After you get to the settings go to the “About device” and select on the “build number.” After a few taps you’ll see the prompt and then tap four more times and you’re done. Then select on the back button and head back into the original base settings menu on OnePlus 3T. After you get back to the normal settings, you’ll see a brand new option above the “About device.”

Developer options is right above the About device setting, and a tap on that will take users into the previously hidden developer menu, which needs to be switched to on for full functionality.

Once you’ve turned on Developer Options on OnePlus 3T, you can find the more advanced settings. The great thing about this is that it’ll allow you to unlock some settings that aren’t available to the standard users. When you browse the developer options you’ll see some animation scale options all set at 1x. Lowering these to 0.5x will make your phone feel much faster overall.


Should I Enable Developer Options?

When you Enable developer options on the OnePlus 3T, there’s no damage that will be done to the smartphone. In Developer Options, you’ll just see options that are hidden by Google for a reason, but those looking to modify their device will need to access a few of those settings.


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