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How To Exit Group Texts On iPhone And iPad in iOS 12

How To Exit Group Texts On iPhone And iPad in iOS 12

This information is more useful to iPhone or iPad in iOS 12 users. You might be finding it hard to group text on iPhone or iPad iOS 12. Group text is indeed useful when you need to pass across a message if you want to talk to a group of friends at a time without having many threads open.

The other side of group text that you might not like is when messages start entering your phone endlessly which can be annoying as some of these messages have nothing to do with you. If you need help in exiting the group chat on iPhone and iPad in iOS 12, get in here.

There is an added option for you to either exit the group chat or mute the incoming messages of the group chat for iPhone and iPad iOS 12. Here is a useful guide on how to exit group iMessage chats and mute friends on the iPhone and iPad in iOS 12.

Exit a Group Text in Messages on iPhone and iPad in iOS 12 

Exiting a group chat iPhone and iPad in iOS 12 shouldn’t be a hard task if you don’t want to be a member of the group again. Leaving the group chat entirely? Open the group message in your device, click on “details,” it is found at the top right of the screen. By clicking this, you’ll be shown a full list of the char participants, location settings, and all images and clips shared in the chat messages.

Just at the right side above the attachments section, there’s a button labeled red and reads, leave this conversation. Clicking on it gets you out of the group where you can’t have any access to the group chats and messages.

Having left the group chat on your iPhone and iPad in iOS 12, there is no other option of join the group again or gain access to any files or messages shared on the group chat henceforth. This method works for only the iMessage members in the group chats.

An extended group chat involving both iMessage and SMS users will cause the leave the conversation button to go invisible or being left grayed.  This depends on whether the SMS users joined.

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Mute a Group Chat in Messages with Do Not Disturb

You might need the group chat to pass across or receive a message that is crucial or a request, you shouldn’t panic as leaving a group is just an option. While your Apple ID or mobile number may be part of the conversation, you’re eligible to always mute the group chat on your “Do not disturb“ for iPhone and iPad in iOS 12 users.

You can quickly and conveniently set your phone to “do not disturb” by going to messages, then you open the preferred message you want to mute. Scrolling down and at the bottom of the menu, you’ll find the “Do not disturb” option, click on it to switch it on, and you’re free from receiving annoying sounds, vibrations, notifications and alerts of the group chat in particular.

You have an extra hand in the do not disturb mode as it works for all kinds of group chats with iMessage only, mixed iMessage and SMS inclusive.  You can check back on the Apple iPhone, and iPad in iOS 12 do not disturb mode for the messages you’ve missed if you need essential information.

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