How To Find Wi-Fi MAC Address On A Galaxy S9

What is a MAC address? You may have heard about it but what does it actually do? Can you find your Galaxy S9’s MAC address? Most of us own impressive smartphones, one way or another. And if you own the latest creme of the crop, the Samsung Galaxy S9, would you have to know? Very few of us can locate the MAC address on our devices. Most users probably wouldn’t even know what it is. 

There are certain circumstances wherein your MAC address will be required. If you are eager to know how to find the MAC address of your Galaxy S9 smartphone, then you are at the right place. 

Identifying Your Galaxy S9’s MAC Address

The MAC address is not as complicated as it may sound. This simple and straightforward article will address the basic concept of the Wi-Fi MAC address on Galaxy S9 smartphone.

For the purpose of providing our readers useful and helpful knowledge, we start off by defining the Wi-Fi MAC address as a unique character string that pertains to a specific networking hardware of your Galaxy S9. You can always get this unique string of characters easily enough from your phone, regardless of why you might need it.

  1. On your powered on Galaxy S9 smartphone, access the
  2. Now open the Apps icon
  3. Choose to open the Settings Menu
  4. Toward the end of the list of settings, you will find the About Phone option, tap on it.
  5. Select the Status item
  6. Now look for the Wi-Fi MAC address from the list of options and take note of the characters of the address.

As we promised you, getting hold of the Wi-Fi MAC address on your device is rather easy and straightforward. You don’t really have to write the MAC address down, unlike your Galaxy S9’s IMEI number. You can always access it anytime you need to by following the simple steps outlined above, likewise, the number is static and doesn’t change. 

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