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How To Fix Fingerprint Sensor Not Working On Huawei P10

How To Fix Fingerprint Sensor Not Working On Huawei P10

If you have the new Huawei P10, you may come across a commonly reported issue with the fingerprint not working. The problem with the fingerprint can be due to the partial or complete failure of the sensor which makes it difficult to activate or deactivate the fingerprint sensor.
We will discuss solutions to the problem above so that next time you encounter such a problem, you will be able to fix a faulty fingerprint sensor on your Huawei P10 which seems to be the cause of your headache.
Using the Fingerprint Sensor
Follow the protocol below to ensure that the fingerprint sensor is witched on
Settings > Lock screen and security > Screen lock type > Fingerprints
Form here, just follow the onscreen commands, to activate and set up the fingerprint scanner on your Huawei P10 smartphone. You have the option to add or remove fingerprints which matches those prints on the Huawei Fingerprint Scanner later on.
The fingerprint sensor comes handy especially if you want to be able to use different passwords when surfing the internet whenever you come across a sign-in page. You can also do use it when downloading several apps in order to authenticate a Huawei account. If you want to learn how to set up the Fingerprint Scanner on your Huawei P10, follow the guide provided below.
Setting up
Huawei P10 makes it convenient to secure your smartphone especially using the improved fingerprint sensor that Huawei has included in two of its latest smartphones. This sensor will make is unnecessary to mess with passwords or patterns if you want to unlock your smartphone. You will find it very easy to set up and use the fingerprint sensor on your Huawei P10.

  1. Turn on your Huawei P10
  2. From the Lock screen, go to the Security in the Settings Menu.
  3. Click on Fingerprint and then choose to Add fingerprint
  4. Follow the prompts until the sensor scans 100% of your fingerprint
  5. Proceed to set up a backup password
  6. To enable the Fingerprint Lock, click Ok
  7. You will only need to hold your finger on the home button to unlock your Huawei P10.

Disabling the Fingerprint Scanner
You may also want to know how to easily turn off the Fingerprint Sensor on your Huawei P10 smartphone. You should note carefully that a fingerprint scanner reader on your Huawei P10 allows you to use the sensor as a password without the need to key in a password which is similar to the Touch ID used on Apple iPhone. If you do not like the Touch ID feature on your Huawei P10, we have a way for you to disable it below;

  1. Power on your Huawei P10 smartphone
  2. Go to the Menu from the Homescreen
  3. Click on Settings
  4. Choose the Lock Screen and Security
  5. Choose the Screen Lock Type.

Use your fingerprint to disable this feature after following the instructions provided above. A different lock type can then be selected for the lock screen on your Huawei P10. Below are some of options;

  • None
  • Pattern
  • Swipe
  • Pin
  • Password

Once you have changed how to unlock the Huawei P10, it should be easy to turn off and disable the Fingerprint Sensor on your Huawei P10 smartphone.

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