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How To Fix Galaxy J5 Slow Charging Problem

How To Fix Galaxy J5 Slow Charging Problem

The Samsung Galaxy J5 is a great smartphone, but there have been some reports of a slow charging problem on Samsung Galaxy J5. If your Samsung Galaxy is charging slowly, there a several different ways to fix this issue. The first thing that is recommended would be to check if the USB cable is working correctly. If this is an issue, you can purchase a new Samsung Charging Cable from But if you have tested it out with a different USB cable and the Galaxy J5 charging problem is still an issue, there are a few ways to manually fix this issue. The following are a few different methods to fix the slow charging problem on Samsung Galaxy J5.
Master Reset
Before doing a Master Reset, it’s a good idea to back up all the data of the device in case something gets deleted during this process. Competing a Master Reset can delete  data from the phone’s internal storage such as images, content, apps etc.

  1. Go to “Settings”
  2. Select on “Accounts”
  3. Choose “Back Up and Reset”
  4. Then select “Reset device” (If the screen is locked, enter the password and select “Continue”)
  5. Select “Delete all”

System Dump
When completing a system mode dump, it will debug the panel and allow for the execution of different functions. There are also useful functions to give a boost to your network speed, the following will compete a system dump.

  1. Go to “Dialer”
  2. Type in (*#9900#)
  3. Go to the bottom of the page and select “Low Battery Dump”
  4. Select “Turn On”

Close Background Applications
A common reason that Samsung Galaxy J5 slow charging problem happens is because of the apps that keep running on the background. The following will close apps running in the background:

  1. Hold the “Home” button and release it when you see the recently used apps screen
  2. On the task manager section, select “End all applications”
  3. At the top of the screen is a “RAM” option, select it and clear memory

These steps will close all the apps that are running in the background when the phone is charging and this is why it is slowing down the charging process.
Uninstall Third Party Apps
If none of the above methods have worked, the reason that the Samsung Galaxy J5 is charging slowly could be because of a software bug. The best solution would be to uninstall all third party software to see if the charging issue is fixed on the Galaxy J5.
To uninstall third party apps, the Galaxy J5 needs to go into “Safe Mode.” From there, third party apps can be uninstalled that may be creating the slow charging problem on Samsung Galaxy J5. To turn on the safe mode turn off your phone, then hold the power key. When you see “Samsung Galaxy 6” on the screen, release the power key and hold the volume down key. Keep on holding the key until the phone restarts. Once the message “safe mode” appears at the bottom of the screen and release the key.
From there, third party apps can be uninstalled by going to Menu> Settings> More> Application manager, Downloaded> select the preferred application, then select uninstall> Ok. Then turn off safe mode by pressing and holding the power key> restart> Ok.
Using those methods from above, the Samsung Galaxy J5 charging problems should become fixed.

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