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How to Fix Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8 Plus Call Volume Too Low

Call volume problems are nerve-wracking. When you cannot properly hear your interlocutor you’re not just feeling uncomfortable, but you could also have the tendency to raise your voice, assuming that the other person can’t hear you well either. Obviously, you cannot always afford to do so, especially when you’re at work or in a private, quiet space.

Depending on how this problem manifests, it could be something wrong with your microphone, even with the speaker, or with both of them. When you’re alone, you could try to activate the speaker, though this won’t necessarily guarantee you a higher call volume.


The most practical options for fixing the call volume too low problem:

  1. Make sure that nothing sits in front of the microphone or the speaker;
  2. Try to clean both the microphone and the speaker with some compressed air or simply with a soft brush – the purpose is to eliminate any dust or debris from there;
  3. Use the volume up button to check the volume levels and see if there’s anything you could improve on the volume bar that will show up on the display;
  4. When you’re in the middle of the problematic call, you can also use the Extra Volume option – just look for the small phone icon that should be in the middle of the screen and identify the Extra Volume feature sitting right underneath it.


If you’ve tried all these and your Samsung Galaxy S8 is still dealing with volume problems, you could consider using a Bluetooth headset. This is, in fact, a good trick to distinguish between volume and hardware problems. If it’s the volume, you shouldn’t notice any improvements when using the Bluetooth. But if it fixes the problem, you could be dealing with a hardware problem.

At this point, it is entirely your call if you want to keep using your Galaxy S8 smartphone with the Bluetooth headset or seek professional help for fixing the hardware problem once and for all. But in our opinion, you shouldn’t postpone fixing a problem that you are perfectly aware of.



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David Williams

Apr 5, 2017

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