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How To Fix Galaxy S8 Cannot Download Text Messages With Attachments

How To Fix Galaxy S8 Cannot Download Text Messages With Attachments

You just got a text message on your Samsung Galaxy S8 and noticed that it came with a photo attached to it? You’re so excited and curious to see what’s the photo about but you keep staring at a window that indicates your photo is downloading? Is the device just stuck on that message?

Looks like you cannot download the photos you receive through your text messages. It’s a common complaint, though, it doesn’t make it less annoying when it happens to you, right?

If only it would have happened with one message… But it seems to do the same with every new photo attached to a text message, so clearly the problem needs a fix as soon as possible.

The solutions are relatively simple, in general. You can always try to restart the phone and maybe you will no longer bump into this problem after that.

A practical alternative would be to check your internet connection because images need Wi-Fi or mobile data in order to be downloaded so, if you’re not sure you have internet on your Galaxy S8, check it right away.

When the simple tricks don’t work, you could try calling your carrier to ask for assistance. In most cases, it’s the APN settings that need to be replaced and the carrier is the only one to give you a new set of APN settings and instruct you on how to update it. This may not be the easiest fix even though, with the right assistance, if this really is the problem, you should be able to download your photo messages soon after that.

Last but not least, when you’ve tried it all without success, if it is so important for you to receive photos as messages, consider a factory reset. Read this guide on how to and follow the instructions in there. It will be a bit more complicated, especially since it will also require you to back up everything in advance, yet if that’s what you really want, go for it!


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Apr 5, 2017

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