How To Fix Galaxy S9 Power And Volume Buttons Not Working

Posted by nik on March 24, 2018
Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus

If anyone is to guess why you were so much attracted to the Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone, the following reasons are bound to pop up; The sleek design, extended battery life, a lot more impressive feature and enhanced camera experience. Well only now have you realized that the power and volume buttons could be such a great bother when they stop working.
Nothing prepared you for such an eventuality and you are wondering how you are going to access your Galaxy S9 with the power and volume buttons being unresponsive. It might even imply that you can access the Safe Mode and the Android Systems Recovery Mode.
It is only fair to assume that since it is the buttons that have failed to work, then you are probably dealing with a hardware issue right? Not really, you would be shocked to learn that some bug and software issues could be the reason for the malfunction of your power and volume buttons.
This doesn’t rule out the possibility of physical damage being the case of the problem but it only indicates that you need to be more open minded when tackling such an issue. It might be unravelling to look all other possible causes besides hardware related problems.
We always want our readers to save themselves the unnecessary hassle of going to the technician which should be the case if you are dealing with a hardware issue. It is for this reason that we recommend some software troubleshooting solutions first which you can try on your own. A thorough consideration of the issues outlined below is therefore highly recommended.

Reset Galaxy S9 If Volume & Power Buttons Have No Hardware Issues

This can be done by long pressing the power buttons together with the volume buttons and wait for the device to restart. If the device restarts, you can be assured that your buttons are working just fine.

Try Deactivating the Car Mode

If your placed your device in the Car Mode at one particular instance, you may need to review the time the volume and power buttons stopped responding. If the two instances coincide, chances are that deactivating the car mode can help restore the functionality of the power and volume buttons. Therefore, disable the car mode then check to see if the power and volume buttons are not working correctly.

Update Samsung Galaxy S9 to the Latest Android Version Available

Where the likelihood of a software problem is high, you must ensure that your system operates on the latest version. Go to your Settings and locate the About Phone option. In this options, you should be able to check any available updates from the Software Update menu.

Verify If Any Third-Party Apps Are Responsible for the Failure of the Power and Volume Buttons

For those who are very keen with the performance of your smartphone, you might have realize that the problem started immediately after you installed a third party app. To test if this is true, you may need to put your smartphone in the safe Mode. The Safe Mode will disable all the third party apps and it will only allow your device to operate on the pre-installed apps.
Try using the power and volume buttons in the Safe Mode and if they work perfectly, you can be assured that indeed a third party app you installed is responsible for the malfunctioning of the power and volume buttons. Manually uninstall the apps one after the other as you check if the buttons are working until you get rid of the specific app that is responsible for this problem.
If you are wondering how to get your Galaxy S9 into the Safe Mode, the steps below should be enough to get you there;

  1. Switch of your Galaxy S9 smartphone.
  2. Press and hold on the Power Key.
  3. Let go of the power key as soon as the Samsung logo is shown on the screen.
  4. Now press and hold the volume down key and only release when you see the Safe Mode being displayed on the screen.

Try to Restore the Device to Its Factory Default Settings

The factory reset is seen by many as a brute solution and should only be performed after safely backing up all the data on your Galaxy S9 smartphone. The reason for this is because the default settings will only be restored by clearing everything else that was added on the device after it was purchased including settings, apps and files. To activate the factory reset, go to the Settings, then look for this option under the Backup and Restore menu.
These solutions are provided in the order of simplicity which means resetting is the simplest solutions and a factory reset the most undesired by effective solution. With these solutions, you should be able to get rid of any software issue that is causing the power and volume buttons not to respond. If these solutions don’t work on your Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone you should be open to exploring ways of fixing a hardware related problem.
Although a faulty button doesn’t sound like a really big issue, it is always best to let a qualified Samsung technician handle such a problem for you. It would be better to less to get it repaired than to try your own theatrics and damage this very expensive device for good.