How To Fix Huawei P9 WiFi Problems

While it’s a couple years old by now, some have declared the Huawei P9 to be a marvel of a phone. However, it isn’t infallible. One issue that some users are dealing with is the Huawei P9 WiFi problem. Some examples of problems with the WiFi on the Huawei P9 is when you connect to the Internet or use apps like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, or Snapchat; some icons don’t even come up at all, or they take forever to load and may even time out. Others that have the Huawei P9 have reported when they use Google Now, the screen gets stuck on “Recognizing…” for a while because it eventually comes up with a “Can’t reach Google at the moment” message.

The most common reason why the Huawei P9 WiFi connection is slow is because of a weak WiFi signal making it so the phone can’t connect to the Internet. It’s a situation everyone is familiar with, but it’s not the only possible explanation for slow WiFi. When the WiFi signal is strong but the connection is still slow, this can be more than a little bit frustration. Luckily, we can help fix it. The following are some suggestions on how to fix WiFi issues on the Huawei P9.

Several Options to Fix Slow WiFi on the Huawei P9:

  • “Forgetting” your Wifi network and reconnecting.
  • Resetting the modem/router.
  • Switching from DHCP to Static Connection on the phone.
  • Changing the router bandwidth settings.
  • Adjusting the modem/router security settings and even disabling security.
  • Factory Reset the Huawei P9.
  • Calling your ISP and upgrading to a higher bandwidth or speed.

Generally, the above solutions will fix the slow WiFi problems on the Huawei P9. Granted, adjusting your contract with your ISP because your phone is slow is possibly a little drastic and will probably come with a price tag attached. Just keep that in mind, if it comes to that. If for any reason the Huawei P9 WiFi is still acting slow, try clearing out the system cache to fix the WiFi issue. Clearing the system cache deletes no data from the Huawei P9, so there’s nothing to worry about. All data, such as photos, videos, and messages, will not be deleted and it will be safe. You can perform the Wipe Cache Partition function in the Android recovery mode to clear the system cache. Read this guide to learn how to clear Huawei P9 phone cache.

How to wipe the cache partition on Huawei P9:

  1. Turn off the Huawei P9.
  2. At the same time, hold the Power Off, Volume Up, and the Home buttons.
  3. After a few seconds, the Huawei P9 will vibrate once, signaling that it’s in recovery mode.
  4. Search for the option called Wipe Cache Partition and start it; you scroll with the volume buttons and use the power button to select the highlighted option.
  5. After a few minutes, the process will be complete and you can restart the Huawei P9 with the Reboot System Now option.

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