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How to Fix iTunes ‘’Waiting for Changes to be Applied’’ And Won’t Sync Error On iPhone iOS 12

How to Fix iTunes ‘’Waiting for Changes to be Applied’’ And Won’t Sync Error On iPhone iOS 12

You don’t always have to take time to wait a long while when your iPhone or iPad is connected to iTunes. There exist different ways to solve this issue. While you’re waiting for changes to be applied to your iTunes, you can as well open the iTunes to make manual adjustments to help you solve the problem.
Wi-Fi syncing issues between iTunes and the phone seem to get broken when Apple users upgrade their iOS. This issue seems to be general and is familiar with including different iPad models as well.
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Whatever the kind of Apple device that the iTunes is stuck on always waiting for applied changes during a Wi-Fi synching, some troubleshooting guidelines will put you through what you need to do to fix this issue. iOS 12 causes a lot of problems with iPhone 6, iPhone 5 and iOS devices. After updating iOS devices from iOS 7.1.2 to iOS 12, all music was removed from the library. IOS users can’t transfer music on the iPhone or iPad with iTunes.
For users that usually have their iPhone saying its synching session has failed, others have said their sync button found in the music tab of their iTunes couldn’t drag songs from Windows or iMac to iPhone. When a display message reads thus” waiting to copy items” or “waiting for changes to be applied,” they can be solved by following these steps below.

Sync iTunes Music 

  1. Toggle ‘’Sync Music’’ option off in iTunes
  2. Browse through General > Usage > Manage Storage > Delete Music
  3. Toggle the ‘’Sync Music’’ option back on
  4. Select both of the ‘’Manually Manage Music & Videos’’ and “Sync Only Checked Songs & Videos’’ options under the iTunes summary tab
  5. Try to sync the iTunes with your iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr again


Reset Network Settings on iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and iPhone Xr

  1. Launch the Settings app, click on General, and reset the Network Settings
  2. Click on ‘’Trust This Computer’’
  3. Click on the checkbox beside ‘’Manually manage music and videos’’ under the iTunes summary tab
  4. Try to sync the app again


Change Music Sync Option

  1. Uncheck the ‘’Sync Music’’ option in iTunes and confirm changes
  2. Recheck the Sync option and approve the changes

Note: If this method does not work, try to toggle off the “Convert higher bitrate songs to 128kbps” option.

Syncing Solution for iPad Only

  1. Switch off Bluetooth connection
  2. Toggle off ‘’Manually manage music’’ and recheck the option
  3. Toggle off the checkbox to change the bitrate, and undo this task after a couple of seconds

Delete Non-Music Files

  1. Open the iTunes music folder
  2. Delete any files that are not music related
  3. Backup your Apple iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr and add all of your music files again


USB Cable 

  1. Switch on the iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr or iPad
  2. Use the USB cable to connect your iPad and iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr to your PC
  3. Open the device menu and select the music tab
  4. Tap the trio button to sync your music library.


Temporary Fix 

With a USB Connection cable, connect your iPhone or iPad to a computer, as it stuck, unplug and plug back again. Your synchronizing will continue from where it stopped.

Drag & Drop

You can perform a drag and drop task of a playlist to your iPhone, and it will correctly sync the music you want.

Manually Manage Videos

Go to the summary tab and click on the “manually manage videos” feature. After doing that,  you can now be permitted to add music files to your iPhone manually.

Turn Off Music Sync

Switch off the music sync from the tab, and delete music from your iOS device through manage storage option.

Wi-Fi Syncing

Look for the General settings in your iTunes, go to iTunes Wi-Fi synching and proceed to sync.

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