How to FIx Volume, Sound and Audio Problems on Your LG G6

If you are having audio issues with your LG G6 smartphone, there are a number of different possible reasons or problems. Some users complain that their G6 handset has a volume that is much too low, or sound that doesn’t work at all. Sometimes there are issues when the phone is playing back media files, while other people report having issues only during calls. Occasionally there are actual hardware problems causing the audio issues, but usually it’s a software problem. In this article I will show you a few techniques for resolving these problems.

If your issues persist even after trying all these fixes, then we suggest going to your retailer or to a qualified repair technician to get your LG G6 serviced or replaced.

SIM card problems can be one source of audio issues in your G6. Try turning off your phone, removing the SIM card, reinserting it, and switching the phone back on.

It is possible for dirt to get trapped in the microphone. If people you call are having trouble hearing you distinctly, try using compressed air on the microphone to clear out debris or dirt.

Bluetooth is notorious for occasionally causing issues with phone audio. Try switching off Bluetooth and see if that resolves the issues.

Smartphones use memory cache for a wide variety of purposes, and if the cache becomes corrupted this can cause almost any kind of problem. Wiping your phone’s cache might resolve your audio problem; check out the tips detailed in this article on how to wipe the LG G6 cache.

Finally, you might try performing a complete system reset from the recovery screen.

Have any other tips for resolving LG G6 volume and audio issues? Share them with us below!

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