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How To Fix Pink And Green Lines On Samsung Galaxy S8 Display

Pink and green lines on the display of a Samsung Galaxy S8 are, unfortunately, a commonly reported problem. If you’ve surfed the web trying to discover if anyone else has been dealing with it, chances are you’ve heard that it can be a display malfunction related to… exposure to humidity.
How is this possible, you ask? After all, the Galaxy S8 was intensively advertised as a waterproof smartphone. Well, as you have found out all by yourself, it is not. At the very best, it is a water-resistant device but since you’ve gotten to this point looking at a water-damaged display, this is just the plain reality…
Whether you have soaked the phone into water or not, moisture detected in the charging port, as well as on other hardware components, can be a common issue. So, your AMOLED display is showing all those kinds of colorful lines. Is it something randomly or not very upsetting? Should you let it be just like that?
Absolutely no! If you choose to ignore the green and pink lines that popped-up on the screen, soon enough, your AMOLED panel may be dead for good. Your options are limited, indeed, but you still have to make use of them.
First, you can try to simply turn off the Samsung Galaxy S8 device and let it sit like that for at least an hour. Many users reported that, after doing so, the problem was significantly diminished, in the sense that the lines started to show up less visible and rarer.
Second, you can try to adjust the display settings of the phone. Since it must now be set by default to adaptive display / AMOLED cinema, try the AMOLED photo or the basic mode instead. See how it goes, though, you can expect that the intensity of the green and pink tint will decrease a bit, without completely solving the problem.
Last but not least and, perhaps, the most effective thing you can try, take your Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone to a Samsung service or to the vendor that sold you the device. If you’re still under the incidence of that 1-year warranty, do your best to take advantage of it and benefit from a free fix.
The only way to fix pink and green lines on the display of a Samsung Galaxy S8 is to… change the display. It is not cheap, which is why we suggested you make use of the warranty!

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