How To Fix Signal Strength On Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8 Plus

We begin this tutorial with one of the most common issues reported by our readers – how to fix signal strength on Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus. If you make it till the end of our suggestions on this chapter, you’re guaranteed to find out a couple of other fixes for other problems just as stringent as this one.


Problem #1 – How to fix signal strength

You’ve been recently using different smartphones in the same area where you live and work. The last two devices worked just fine, but now that you started to use a Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus, you’ve noticed some inconsistencies in terms of signal strength. The device has signal drops when you expect less.



Judging by the fact that you’ve used other devices under the same circumstances, it is only fair to assume that there’s a problem with this Samsung Galaxy S8 of yours. The easiest way to fix it is to just replace the device.

The alternative, however, is to use a dedicated cell phone signal booster. It’s not going to be easy. It will require the installation of additional software. But it might spare you from having to get a new phone. Here’s what we’re talking about…

This device is also called a cell phone repeater. As the name suggests, it works by taking and amplifying the signal coming from the carrier’s tower. With a special hardware that acts like an antenna, mounted outside your house, somewhere in an open space, at height, it captures weak signal and sends it further to a device mounted inside your house. That second device will amplify the signal and then automatically broadcast it to a specific location from the house.

The process goes back and forth, in the sense that it allows your device to capture the signal from outside and sends the signal from your device to the carrier’s tower. If everything works smoothly, you should be able to enjoy voice services of the best quality, just like you are supposed to.

If you’d like to try this option, you can either directly contact your carrier and ask about a signal booster, or you can buy one from any third-party electronic shop out there. Naturally, when you go for the latter, you really need to make sure that you’re picking a product compatible with your carrier’s network.


Problem #2 – What to do with the white line from the display

You’ve accidentally dropped your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus from a height. Even though it landed on the back, you can now see a white line crossing the top of the display, straight on the area with the battery symbol and time. No cracks are visible on the screen, but the white line persists, making the display blink when you’re using the phone and sending a visible flash above the line when keeping the device in the rest mode.



Our website is committed to offering thorough hardware troubleshooting solutions, diagnostic insights and practical advice for all kinds of Samsung Galaxy S8 problems. What you’ve just described looks like an obvious hardware issue – most likely, the LCD suffered a minor damage during the fall. Unfortunately for you, hardware problems aren’t as easy to fix as software problems.

At this point, you have two main options – you can either go on and replace the screen by yourself, or you can ask an authorized service to do it for you. Our advice is to let the professionals handle this delicate intervention. It’s not impossible to do it yourself, though you will need some electronic knowledge and special tools. Samsung itself is making it more difficult since it designed a smartphone that is quite a pain to open up.

While the malfunctions deriving from dropping off your phone aren’t covered by a warranty, it is still best to refrain from changing the screen assembly on your own. If you’re willing to try it, the internet is full of such tutorials, though you should know you’re doing it at your own risk!


Problem #3 – Galaxy S8 shows an error every time you try to access the internet

Unable to access web browser for Wi-Fi sign in due to an unauthorized factory reset” is something you’re getting every time when you come to the internet login part? You must have tried to reset the phone without success and now, you don’t know what else to do.



In our experience, you are only getting this kind of error if you or someone else tried to modify the software of the smartphone. Whether it was rooting, custom recovery flashing or romming, on purpose or accidentally, chances are you’ll bump into the factory reset protection that is blocking everything.

Now, the odds to initiate any of the previously mentioned interventions by mistake are close to zero. If someone used your smartphone prior to this error, you will want to ask them about it. Reflashing the stock firmware is the first option, though it will also help knowing whether that person was trying to type the right sign in credentials for the Google account when the problem occurred.

If you can’t ask that person to fix it and the Galaxy S8 works well, with no other problem than this error when you’re trying to connect to the internet, you can try a factory reset on your own. This process is relatively simple, all you have to do is to follow these steps:

  1. Turn off the device;
  2. Press and hold the Home key, the Volume Up key, and the Power key;
  3. Release the Power key when the device will display its name, Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, on the screen;
  4. Keep holding the Home key and the Volume Up key until you see the Android logo on the screen;
  5. Release all the buttons and wait for another 30 to 60 seconds without touching anything;
  6. When you see the message “Installing system update” you can tell that within a few seconds you should enter the Android System Recovery menu;
  7. Once you can see that text on the display, you can start navigating through the menus using the Volume Down key and activate the available options by pressing the Power key after you have selected it;
  8. Highlight the option labeled as Wipe Data / Factory Reset;
  9. Initiate the process and confirm by selecting the option “Yes – delete all user data”;
  10. Start the wipe data by pressing the Power button;
  11. Wait for the factory reset to finish;
  12. Select Reboot System Now;
  13. Press the power key and wait until the device reboots.


Don’t get scared if it’s taking too long, this final reboot will take more than usually. But when it’s done, your smartphone will load the standard mode and you should be able to access the internet without getting that annoying error.


Problem #4 – Galaxy S8 randomly receives texts from iPhone users in group conversations

This problem, as described by our readers, often occurs after using an iPhone device from a specific carrier and switching to a Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus from another carrier. When entering group conversations, some messages are received and others, mostly from iPhone users, aren’t received. The problem is even more puzzling because you can still get messages from the same iPhone users, but only as private text messages, not group messages. To sum up, Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus isn’t getting all the texts in a group conversation from iPhone users.



Notice how we specified “our readers”, meaning that there are actually a lot of Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus users encountering the same problem as yours. This one will often manifest in mixed groups, where both Android and iPhone users are texting, because of the controversial iMessage.

As you probably know as a previous iPhone user, the iMessage is the proprietary messaging system developed by Apple. Dedicated exclusively to iOS devices, it was designed to route and keep any text message only on the Apple servers. This means that group messages that are sent through iMessage, all the group messages from iPhone users, aren’t transmitted to other, third-party networks or third-party carriers.

Long story short, texts sent through iMessage will only get to other iMessage users. Non-Apple devices cannot receive these texts, which is why the simple solution to this problem is to ask those persons from your group to send messages without using the iMessage service.

After all, it’s the Apple’s exclusivity for this messaging service that you can blame. Aside from asking your friends to pay more attention when texting, as to whether they use iMessage or not, you can also suggest them to download and use a third-party app that is perfectly compatible with different platforms – Google Hangouts or Facebook Messenger, to name a few.



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