How To Make Of The Compass On Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has a feature called the Compass that a lot of owners don’t know how to use. There are several programs on the Google Play Store that works perfectly with the compass on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Most of these apps can’t work properly without the pre-installed on your Note 8. It’s important to point out that before you start downloading any of these apps, make use you have calibrated the compass on your Note 8.
To do this, you will need to switch on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8, locate the phone app and type in this code on the keyboard *#0*#. After you’ve done this, some tiles with a white background will show up, one of these different tiles is named the ‘Sensor.’
If you tap on this, it will bring up a sub-menu, search, and you will see the ‘Magnetic Sensor.’ Also, you will see these numbers in the black circle.
0 – Which means the Compass needs to be calibrated
3 – This means the Compass has been calibrated
There are a lot of Compass apps on Google Play Store, but the best ones I will recommend for your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 are:


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