What To Do When Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Vibrates But Won’t Switch ON (Solution)

Most users of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 have complained that there are times when their smartphone will vibrate but won’t switch on. Others have experienced the same issue at random times, but the common thing is that the Note 8 will come up, Samsung logo will show and then the smartphone will shut down again after some minutes.

This can be as a result of a current download or a mode you just activated on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The main issue is that the phone vibrates every time but doesn’t come up. Some owners have experienced the charging icon not showing up when they plug their smartphone into a power outlet. These issues can be fixed, and I’ll explain below how you can solve this problem on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Solving this issue on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 might require you to open up your smartphone and fix it manually instead of paying a huge sum of money for a technician to help you fix it.


Fixing Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Won’t Turn On Just Vibrates Issue

  1. Switch off your Samsung Galaxy Note 8
  2. Remove the back cover of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8
  3. You can now remove the battery of your Samsung Galaxy Note 8
  4. Pick up a screwdriver and loose the screws to remove the back cover.
  5. You can now gently loose the screws holding the front and back of your smartphone together.
  6. After doing this, use a screwdriver to loose all the screws placed in the four directions. You can now lift up the circuit board and clear any dirt or dust that has been stored on the board.
  7. Put back your battery and try to power up your smartphone, you may need to do these for a while before it comes up.


If this solves the issue, you will need to pack up your phone and be aware that to avoid the keys getting stuck, you can leave the outer covering because of the Power key. You can find a way to be using your smartphone without the outer covering.

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