How To Mute Galaxy S9 Plus Ringtone

Muting your Samsung Galaxy S9 is a good way of maintaining a non-disruptive moment especially when some silence can do you some good. If you are looking to put your phone into silence, all you’ve got to do is mute it by following the options below.

  • Use the power button to reject incoming calls
  • Utilize the Easy Mute feature
  • Use the home key to pick up incoming calls but then immediately hold the call or mute it

The options listed above can be of great use if you ever wish to mute the sound mode or find the quickest way possible to silent your Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone.

How To Use Easy Mute On Galaxy S9

The easy mute is indeed a very simple and swift way of activating the mute mode on your Galaxy S9 smartphone. To use this option, you will have to cover your screen with the palm of your hand. If this is difficult for you, you can just flip your device so that the screen faces downwards. When you place your device in this position, your caller will still hear the connecting tune but their call will be muted unless you decide to pick it up before the caller despairs.
If you need to use the easy mute feature, you will need to manually activate it.

  1. In your Settings menu, tap on the Advanced Features option
  2. Now select the Easy Mute settings by tapping the toggle ON

How To Use The Power Key To Mute Your Galaxy S9

Alternatively, you could use a different method of muting your calls and this is by pressing the power button which is simply the reject call button. Once again using the power button to reject a call requires that you also activate this setting on your Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone.

  1. Access your Samsung Galaxy S9 settings
  2. From the settings go to Apps and you should be able to see a whole list of settings for different apps
  3. Select the Phone option
  4. The phone option will give you access to the call settings of your Galaxy S9 smartphone
  5. Now tap on the option labeled as answering and ending calls


This guide teaches us the following mute mode options:

  • Using your Galaxy S9 gives you the liberty to choose the manner in which want to answer your incoming calls.
  • You can set your smartphone to answer calls automatically whenever you connect to a Bluetooth or headset.
  • Or just choose to disregard any incoming voice call using the power button option.

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