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How To Put Galaxy S7 In Silent Mode (Priority Mode)

How To Put Galaxy S7 In Silent Mode (Priority Mode)

For those that own the Samsung Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge, you may want to know how to put the Galaxy S7 in Silent Mode? The bad news is that the Silent Mode feature has had the name changed to Priority Mode. On the Android software, Silent mode has a different feature which is why it’s now called “Priority Mode.”

Even though “Priority Mode” is a little harder to understand how to use compared to “Silent Mode” on Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, once you have learned it because very useful. The reason for this is because Priority Mode allow for more flexibility when selecting the apps and people that you do or don’t want to hear from. The following is guide on how to learn how to use Priority Mode instead of Silent Mode on Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge.


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Setting up Priority Mode
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You can set up Priority Mode “Silent Mode” by tapping the volume button on the device, and selecting Priority from the pop-up dialog that you’ll see on the screen. You will see different options below the Priority Mode, these can be adjusted for different periods of time. Using the plus and minus buttons to change how long Priority Mode lasts on the Galaxy S7.When the Galaxy smartphone is about to go into Priority Mode, a star icon will appear with a notification bar, and only those apps or contacts who have been granted access will be able to notify you. Even though other calls, messages and updates will still be received, but the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge won’t make any noise until after the phone is off Priority Mode.


Controlling your apps

You can also control individual apps within Priority Mode in the Android software. First go to the Sound and notification screen and go to App notifications. Then select any apps toggle and switch it to Priority. The main benefits of Priority Mode on Galaxy S7 are that it’ll block anything you don’t want, unless it’s urgent.


Changing Priority Mode options

You can change and customize Priority Mode several different ways by selecting the cog icon that appears when you activate Priority Mode. You can change things like, events and reminders, calls and messages can be changed with toggle switches. Also, you can select different people that you want to be able to message and call you by using Priority Mode wall of silence.

Another great option of Priority Mode on Galaxy S7 is that ability to select periods of time that you want Priority Mode turn on and off automatically. Select Days, Start time and End time to set these options. This saves you having to switch Priority Mode on and off manually.




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