How To Resolve Problems With Calls On Galaxy S9

When you purchase a new Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone, check to ensure that you can make calls successfully without any interruptions. However, in cases wherein you realize that you can’t stay connected on a call for long enough, then it means that something is wrong. You need to find out whether the call is dropping due to a poor connection, which is, of course, normal when you’re inside an elevator for example – or whether there may be a hardware or a software problem.

Only recently, Samsung launched the Galaxy S9 smartphone but we are already getting reports from a number of users who have tested the device that there are issues related to calling. Unfortunately, Samsung has not addressed this issue officially yet. It can only mean that users who have already purchased the device are stuck not knowing what to do when this problem comes knocking. Certainly, a number of users who have been having this problem are considering getting a new phone and replacing their new Galaxy S9 – but that would be just sad!

Fix It Yourself Like A Pro

We can assure you that whatever the cause, no call issue can justify replacing the device you spent so much money on. We are, therefore, going to share with you some real solutions that will enable you to continue enjoying the amazing experiences that come with owning a Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone.

In many cases, people will begin to notice the calling issues on Galaxy S9 when they stay on the call for a few minutes and then end up with a dead connection. This could be due to an unreliable data connection or some serious network issues. This article is designed to give you the technical know-how on how to go about fixing the call issues on Samsung Galaxy S9 when you need to fix the problem urgently and on your own without extra costs.

Check At The Signal Bars On Your Galaxy S9 Smartphone

One very obvious thing you need to watch out for before making a call is ensuring you do have enough credits on your SIM or account to facilitate the call. Paranoia can get the best of us every now and then, so who knows if you’re worrying for nothing. After that, ensure that there is a strong network connection wherever you are. You can check this by simply looking at the Signal Bars at the top corner of your screen. If you only have one or two bars or none at all, then it means you will not be able to make a call or receive one successfully. The lack of network connectivity on your Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone will definitely interrupt any calls you make or take. 

Give your phone a boost to get connected to the network by rebooting your Galaxy S9 using the link below on how to reboot your Galaxy S9 Plus.

Check If Your Galaxy S9 Is In Flight Mode

You might also be experiencing difficulties receiving or making phone calls because your Galaxy S9 is on Flight Mode. The Flight Mode is meant to disrupt all wireless connections and services including phone calls. The Flight Mode feature should only be enabled when you are on a plane, at a gas station, in a class or a very important meeting. During times when you do not need calls to be cut-off, you should ensure the Flight Mode is disabled. The instructions below should help you disable the Flight Mode on your Galaxy S9 smartphone.

  1. Turn your Samsung Galaxy S9 on
  2. Draw down the notification bar then tap on it
  3. Locate and tap on the Settings icon
  4. Look for the Flight Mode and toggle the mode OFF from ON

Change The Network Mode On Your Samsung Galaxy S9 Device

It could be that the network mode you are connected to does not support calls on your Galaxy S9 smartphone. In such a case it will be wise to change the network mode to a different one. If your Galaxy S9 can only support calls when connected to a specific network then try to change to that particular network mode using the steps below.

  1. Ensure you are Galaxy S9 is powered on
  2. Slide the notification bar down using your fingers
  3. Select the Settings icon
  4. In the Settings menu, tap the Mobile Networks option
  5. Now look for and tap on the Network Mode
  6. Change the Network mode to WCDMA/GSM

Set Your Galaxy S9 Device To Find Networks Automatically

You can adjust the way your phone detects and connects to networks. This will set your device in such a way that it can connect to the available networks automatically. This will ensure that you are only connected to the strongest available networks. If you would like to adjust your mobile networks settings to this preference, follow the steps provided below:

  1.   Switch on your Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone
  2.   Display the menus from the Notifications bar by sliding it down with your fingers
  3.   Open the Settings menu by simply tapping on the Settings icon
  4.   Once you are in the Settings menu, you need to tap on the Mobile Networks option
  5.   Tap the Network Operators option in the Mobile Networks submenus
  6.   All the networks within a given range will be displayed
  7.   Tap on Select Automatically

Verify Your Account’s Status With Your Service Carrier

The only way to ensure that your smartphone supports all cellular services is by verifying your account. Make sure that you actually have an active account. Pay all your bills so that your phone carrier does not have a reason to deactivate your account. If your carrier is either Verizon, AT&T, Sprint or T-Mobile, ensure that you check with them to confirm that your account is active.

Check And Verify With Your Service Provider If There Is A Network Outage In Your Area

In extreme weather conditions, cellular services are sometimes disrupted. It is possible that the network mast/booster in a given area has been knocked down by strong winds. In other circumstances, it is just a routine maintenance causing the network outage. When there is a network outage due to any of the reasons mentioned above, you will not be able to make or receive phone calls.

The best solution is to wait until the mast is repaired or the maintenance is completed and cellular services restored. Once the network coverage is restored, you can resume normal cellular operations on your device such as making and receiving phone calls.

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