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How To Screen Capture On LG G5

How To Screen Capture On LG G5

Owners of the LG G5 should know how to screen capture on LG G5 The process to get the LG G5 screen capture is just like other Android smartphones in most cases. You may been new to either Android or LG and not know how to screen capture, don’t worry below we’ll explain how to take a screengrab on a LG G5.

The process to get a screen capture is a very useful tool on Android, and you can do this many different ways. To take a screen capture with the LG G5 can be done by just pressing several buttons at the same time.


How to take a LG G5 screen capture:

The first thing you need to do is press and hold the LG G5 power button and volume down button together until you hear a shutter noise. After you have taken the screen shot, there will be a drop-down notification allowing you to gain access to your LG G5 screenshot.

Once these buttons are held together at the same time, the LG G5 screen will flash to indicate the screenshot is being captured. A screen capture to the newly saved image will appear in the notification tray, or you can access your screenshots at any time through the LG G5’s gallery app.

It’s also possible to customize the icons in the notification pull-down bar, called “quick settings” by pulling down twice and tapping the edit button next to the gear-shaped settings icon. This will create a one tap screenshot button and you can use it to tap and take a screenshot of whatever is on the screen.





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