How To Show Hidden Apps On Samsung Note 5

Posted by David Covington on August 18, 2016

For those that own a Samsung Galaxy Note 5, you may want to know how to show hidden apps on your Galaxy Note 5. The reason for showing hidden apps again is because you may have not liked the pre-installed apps that came on your Samsung Note 5 and hide them, since you can’t uninstall them. Below we’ll explain how you can show the hidden Galaxy Note 5 apps within just a few seconds.
How To Show Hidden Apps On Samsung Note 5
For those that went to hide some of the bloatware apps that came preinstalled on your Samsung Galaxy Note 5, just follow the directions below to learn how to reshow the hidden apps on your Galaxy Note 5:

  1. Turn on your Note 5.
  2. From the Home screen, tap on the App Menu.
  3. Select on Settings.
  4. Then tap on Applications.
  5. Browse and choose Application Manager.
  6. Now select on “All Apps” in the top left corner of the screen.
  7. When the pop-up menu appears, select on “Disabled.”
  8. Now a list of all disabled apps will show up, select on the ones that you want to show up on the Note 5 again.

After you follow the instructions above, you’ll be able to show hidden apps on your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 again without any issues.


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