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How To Turn OFF LG G6 Camera Shutter Sound

How To Turn OFF LG G6 Camera Shutter Sound

The camera on the LG G6 is certainly one of it’s best features. It can produce high quality images and has plenty of built-in software features ready for use. One built-in feature on the LG G6 is the camera shutter sound. This is a noise that will play every time you take a photo.
Whilst it’s useful at times, it can be frustrating, especially when you’re trying to take photos discreetly or if you’re in a particularly quiet location. To help keep nosy eyes off of you, follow our guide below so that your selfie snaps aren’t heard by the world.
Please keep in mind that turning off your camera shutter sound in the United States is actually illegal. However, if you’re elsewhere in the world you can use the guide below to switch off the shutter sound on your LG G6.
How to mute or turn down the volume of your LG G6
You can easily switch off the LG G6 shutter sound by muting the smartphone volume. To do this, first make sure that no media, such as music, is playing on your LG G6. Next, hold the volume down button until the LG G6 goes into vibrate mode. When you next take a picture, there should no longer be a shutter sound on your LG G6.
Plugging headphones in won’t work
Whilst in most cases plugging in your headphones will stop the sound from playing out of the LG G6, plugging your headphones in whilst taking photos will not stop the shutter sound. Unfortunately, you cannot switch the shutter sound off by plugging your headphones into your LG G6.
Use a third party camera app
Alternatively, you could use a third party camera app from the Google Play store. Whilst the default LG camera app does play a shutter sound by default, some third party camera apps do not. There are plenty of great third party camera apps in the Google Play Store – you may even find one you like more than the default LG app.

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